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Entertainment News


SAG Board Rejects Producers’ ‘Last, Best, Final’ Offer; Now What?, 02.22.09

SAG turned down the “Last, Best and Final” offer from the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers by a 46% margin.



Comcast, TW in talks for online programming THR, 02.20.09

Comcast and Time Warner Cable are in talks to give current cable subscribers greater access to networks’ programming due to recent sites such as



Comedy pilots reflect recession THR, 02.19.09

A slew of pilot projects are stepping outside of office settings and taking on characters in crisis situations.



Branded Content News


Warner Bros., For Your Imagination to Bow Watchmen Work MediaWeek, 02.26.09

Aside from existing web buzz surrounding the film, Warner Bros. in partnership with Kyle Piccolo and For Your Imagination developed Watchmen branded Kyle Piccolo comic themed episodes. Powerhouse films like Spider Man, Transformers, Iron Man, Batman have already been the at the top of true branded entertainment success experiencing explosive sales DVDs, action figures, soundtracks, and box office sales.  


Unilever Goes Way Beyond ‘Gamekillers’ for Axe AdAge, 2.25.09

Unilever is ready to hype up its line of new Axe men’s hair products through 50 nontraditional integrations across Viacom’s Comedy Central, Spike TV, VH1 and MTV spoofing and mocking television programs on those channels.


Kraft Gets Behind Jonas Brothers Movie to Move Cheese Singles Adage, 02.23.09

Kraft sponsored the “Jonas Brothers: 3-D Concert Experience” which premiered February 24th, 2009 in Hollywood. Kraft served 1,000 sandwiches at the premiere, promoting – a site offering interactive activities as well as free song, poster, video downloads by entering a Kraft Singles UPC code.



The Second Life Hype Has Fizzled—Is Twitter Next?, 02.20.09

Second Life used to be an environment full of brands like Coca-Cola, Scion and the NBA. Eventually the hype died down due to tech and learning requirements. Now Twitter is growing exponentially and brands are reaping the benefits. Is Twitter on the right path or doomed to lose its sizzle too?


Updated: Fox’s 24 In Gear With Hyundai Integration MediaWeek, 02.17.09

Jack Bauer is getting behind the wheel of a Hyundai which serves as an asset to this season’s story arc.


Industry News


Debunking Six Social Media Myths BusinessWeek, 02.19.09

BusinessWeek’s B.L. Ochman addresses 6 social media myths brands must consider before establishing a social media campaign.


Marketers Soft-Pedal the Oscars This Year NYTimes, 02.19.09

Prices and many of last year’s Academy Awards sponsors have dropped even though marketers and buyers have pushed the show as a reason to advertise.


Facebook Withdraws Changes in Data Use NYTimes, 02.18.09

Facebook came under fire due to changes in the user contract which allows Facebook control and ownership over user-generated content on the platform.


Do couch potatoes want to become couch surfers? International Herald Tribune, 02.16.09

Heavy debate surrounds the question, “Should televisions be able to get access to the Web?”



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Video of the Week: Reverse Brand Integration?


What happens when you mix things up a little and not everything you view appears as it seems? Watch this video and come back when you’re done…



Finished? Pretty sweet new Pomegranate phone right? It’s got HD Projection, Global Voice Translator, Coffee Brewer, Shaver and even a Harmonica all-in-one. Who’s behind the Pomegranate phone? When is its release date? I have to know. All that and more can be found here:

Upon further inspection of the site you’ll come across the “Release Date” tab which instantly drives you to the words “Nova Scotia” that ever so eloquently move forward onto the screen.



We’ve been duped. The Pomegranate phone that can speak in 30 different tongues while brewing a cup of hazelnut coffee does not exist! Instead the Pomegranate NS08 (NS=Nova Scotia eh?) phone serves as an integrated portal to the land of Nova Scotia.

A little tom foolery? Trickery? Deceit?


Or was it unique? Different? Captivating? Can we call this product integration even? The Pomegranate phone, in a way, does speak of the Nova Scotia’s “Come to Life” campaign idea that, “You can get everything you want in one place.”

It will be interesting to see more and more whimsical “faux” brands created and come to life in order to support real products and brands. Ultimately these faux brands act as a gateway or portal to a place, brand or product we might never have thought to experience in the first place.


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Advertising in a YouTube Generation

We’ve all seen ripped clips of “Saturday Night Live” and amazing sports highlights on YouTube. In fact, if you did a search, you could see clips from the Oscars moments after the live show.

If YouTube takes advantage of the potential advertising opportunities, it will generate undiscovered revenue. YouTube’s ads are mostly contextual overlays, a.k.a. normal, generic ads that have poor digital video streaming quality to them. It appears that this may change soon…


For Google’s 2006 $1.65 billion purchase of YouTube, generating revenue has proved difficult as other newer websites are catching up with its revenue streams. Google makes almost all of its revenue from advertising, and it should be quicker to act in tapping into YouTube’s advertising potential. Google’s attempts to capitalize on its investment affect many different YouTubers, from big media partners to music and video game fans—and not to mention, us, the advertisers. YouTube has (or we assume it has) long been aware of its platform but only recently has devised of ways to start profiting.

One big media partner allowed to sell video advertising is CBS. Aside from profiting through the actual sale of its videos, it can also profit from the video views, videos from its channel, and any videos that Joe Schmoe posts there that are CBS copyrighted. By running advertising against this video material, YouTube can give a share of the revenues to its advertising partners. According to Techcrunch, there is a possibility that YouTube will soon be expanding this concept to other media partners later this year.

General Motors and New Line Cinema are among those who have delved into YouTube advertising. Though the media companies and partners who participate with advertising clips on YouTube make up only roughly 4% of the videos, this is where most of the advertising revenue is coming from. Expanding this percentage can mean more revenue. One problem, according to Neo@Oglivy’s Sean Muzzy, is that "Most advertisers are still testing the waters on YouTube," and that “big advertisers may not be comfortable with their ads appearing next to amateur videos.”
Intellectual property rights are important to both advertisers and their clients. We make money by using every medium available. Advertising on user-generated content is a relatively new medium. This is the collaboration of digital video advertising and video sharing coming together.


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Dogs Not Just Chasing Cars Anymore…

What do dogs and cars have in common? Their owners, according to Toyota.

In an article featured on Autopia—of blog network fame—Bob Zeinstra (Toyota’s national product marketing manager), spoke of an inherent connection between the two: "More than half of all dog owners consider their pet’s comfort when buying a car,” he said.


Buckle up, Fido!Pet safety is a factor for dog owners buying cars. [Photo courtesy of Toyota]


The Japanese auto maker’s campaign for the new Venza will be targeting dog owners and their pets by focusing on the vehicle’s “creature comfort and pet travel safety options” through sponsorship agreements with the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (launched in early February) and the fifth season of “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan” on the National Geographic Channel.


Will Cesar integrate the SUV crossover into his tried-and-true dog rehabilitation/people training techniques? Will canines everywhere be relieved of their automotive anxieties (see below), all because of the Toyota Venza?

Who knows…but it sure will make for good television.



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YSL Distributes Limited Edition Content Valentines

On Valentine’s day, in the midst of global Fashion Week madness, YSL released its Spring/Summer 2009 Manifesto by distributing heart-shaped USB keys and branded tote bags on the streets of Paris, New York, London, Milan, Tokyo and Hong Kong to the first 2,000 passersby in each city.


Each USB key contains the 20-page Manifesto featuring Claudia Schiffer, shot by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin under the artistic direction of YSL’s own Stefano Pilati, as well as behind the scenes footage.  Online, you can watch the full Manifesto video at, and see the photos that will also be published as a print promotion. Even the print version takes on a unique form – consumers will be able to interact with the campaign by peeling out stickers and removing a poster.

This is YSL’s fourth seasonal manifesto, released as new collections for warmer weather hit stores  around the world.  Luxury brands are bracing for a tough year, and YSL’s manifesto strategy allows it to reach its fans  directly by handing them an exclusive piece of the coveted brand. The promotion and content got picked up on at least sixty blogs in several languages, including major fashion sites, from  the LA Times to, to Kanye West’s trend-setting personal blog.



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