What’s a Brand to Do in These Dastardly Times?

What’s a brand to do in these dastardly times?

It all comes down to thinking more about consumers than about your brand.
(Ah yes, thinking about others – A crazy notion in the context of advertising.)

Consumers aren’t dumb. They never were. Gullible for a time, perhaps, but now they’re cynical–if not more educated–about advertising and they’ve perfected the skill of avoiding it.

Good for them.

Still, in an attempt to increase profit growth every quarter (one day we’ll learn the perks of sustainability), companies launch more-of-the-same products and spend millions on new ad campaigns, which try helplessly to persuade the new consumer that they need or want these ‘new’ things.

There’s so much ‘new’ in our lives that we’re all in a mild state of confusion. The only thing we’re sure of is the disappointment that comes with the product’s over-promise.

Add to that a broke economy, and brands are in hell.

So what’s a brand to do in these dastardly times? How can it stay on top, or get on top?

Suggestion: Let your communication be an extension of the brand. Your brand can be more than a refreshing drink, or a healthy cereal. It can be a voice.

In other words, whatever your brand stands for – Don’t tell people about it, just do it.

If you’re a drink and you stand for refreshment, then don’t say you do. Instead, actually come up with a way that can refresh the market to which you’re speaking. Use editorial, film, sports, public games—anything you can—to actually ‘refresh’ society. Just, please, don’t show another model drinking your product in the hot sun with a big satisfied smile, because no one will remember that.

This will breed consumer love and affection whilst never venturing away from your brand’s best self / or voice.

Consumers will not be spoken to anymore, but they will engage.

Use your marketing dollars to create an extension of your product’s benefit.

And then, if you do end up with something that runs on a screen for 30 seconds, at least it wont resemble advertising, but something much more relevant, meaningful and memorable.


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