TWEED Guest Expert: Jun Group Discusses Content Distribution via P2P Networks

TWEED GUEST EXPERT is a series of posts authored by industry experts to introduce various perspectives on the branded entertainment industry.

As we develop content strategies that include 360° marketing and activation elements for our clients, we often search for new distribution channels to engage consumers with branded content. The P2P (a.k.a., peer-to-peer) platform is becoming an increasingly popular tool for consumers to view and engage themselves with branded video content. We’ve recently had the opportunity to explore the concept of P2P distribution with folks from Jun Group, who has worked with top brands like Unilever, Nike, Kohl’s, and Sprite to produce and distribute engaging branded content via P2P networks as well as syndicate content to blogs, social networks, and viral video sites. We’ve invited Mitchell Reichgut, President of Jun Group author a post discussing key stats and advantages of P2P distribution and what brands should keep in mind about this emerging platform for branded content.



According to comScore, peer-to-peer (P2P) networks are one of the top ten most visited Internet destinations, just behind Facebook. Almost half of the Internet’s bandwidth is attributable to P2P, and the medium is loaded with millions of influential users who experience entertainment first and then share it with their friends.

Marketers are getting the picture. Jun Group connects a number of Fortune 500 brands, major entertainment companies, and media buyers/planners with the P2P audience through an organic process that works like SEO.

Unlike “post-and-pray” viral marketing tactics, P2P consistently generates significant reach (1-3 million US-based downloads per campaign). That’s because users execute billions of searches every month for all kinds of entertainment.

But the key advantage to P2P marketing is the engagement that comes from users searching for and downloading content on their own. Our view-through rates are very high, which indicates a high degree of interest.

Other data we deliver includes downloads per day, repeat views, search term performance, and geographic dispersal, down to the US city and town. We also provide private user comments and star ratings, and a demographic profile of the audience, based on the searches they conduct.

One question we get all the time is: “Isn’t P2P illegal?” The answer is no. What’s illegal is distributing someone’s content without her or his permission, whether it’s on the Web, on P2P, or on a cassette tape. P2P is a legitimate channel, just like the Web. Everything Jun Group distributes is 100% licensed, which is why we’ve been cleared by some pretty conservative legal departments.

Our advice to those entering the space is simple: Provide content that your consumers want to see. Position the brand as an enabler, not an interrupter. In doing this, you’ll create more powerful, memorable connections. Check the NIKE example below, which was a huge success in P2P and on the Web.


About Jun Group

Jun Group creates and distributes online entertainment to millions of consumers via P2P networks, viral video Websites, and social networks. We reach millions of highly targeted consumers in a way that is consistent, organic, and measurable. Our clients include Coca-Cola, Nike, Unilever, HBO, P&G, Glacéau, Frito-Lay, and others.

About the Author: Mitchell Reichgut



Mitchell Reichgut is founder and CEO of Jun Group Productions LLC. Jun Group produces and distributes online P2P programs for Fortune 500 brands, major entertainment companies, and media buyers and planners. Clients include Coca-Cola, Nike, Unilever, HBO, P&G, Glacéau, Frito-Lay, and others.

Before founding Jun Group, Mitchell headed up the New York interactive division of Bates Worldwide Advertising. As General Manager/Creative Director, he helped grow Bates Interactive into a 70-person integrated unit, with clients such as Perrier, Moet & Chandon, Warner-Lambert, Sauza Tequila, The White House Office of Drug Control Policy, EDS, and Avis.

Earlier, as Creative Director of the New York office of Think New Ideas, Mitchell supervised Web development for clients such as Budweiser, Chrysler, Sony, Reebok, IBM, Microsoft, Avon, Bloomingdale’s, NEC, and Continental Airlines.

A graduate of Boston University’s College of Communications, Mitchell began his career as an Art Director at Grey Advertising where he created print and television advertisements for clients such as Procter & Gamble, Parker Brothers, Topps, and Stride Rite.

Mitchell wrote and directed The Scene, a 20-episode online drama that was downloaded over 8 million in 90 countries. He has published two national comic book series, and he recently wrote and produced a new online drama entitled Stream, starring Whoopi Goldberg.



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