Gatorade Gives Rivals a Second Chance to Prove Who’s Best


Gatorade, known to showcase the power and strength of professional athletes, has taken a new turn with its new docu-series that follows every-day athletes from rival high schools Easton-Area Red Rovers and the Phillipsburg Statelinesrs. Well, these athletes are not completely “every-day” athletes. They are 30-something year old rivals who after 15 years, have come together to replay a full-contact regulation football game in their hometown in front of a sold-out crowd. (10,000 tickets were sold out in just 90 minutes!)

On Sunday, November 29, at 9:00 p.m. Fox Sports Net (FSN) affiliates nationwide will premiere a one hour special on REPLAY Season One: the Easton Area Red Rovers vs. the Phillipsburg Stateliners.

These athletes underwent a 10-week training and conditioning program developed by Gatorade Sports Science Institute and Velocity Sports Performance. "Gatorade believes once you’re an athlete, you’re always an athlete," said Dr. Kim White of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

Gatorade was even able to sign the Manning brothers to participate in this program as rival coaches. "What athlete doesn’t have a game or a moment they wish they could do-over?" said Peyton Manning, honorary coach of the Easton-Area Red Rovers. "Gatorade gave these athletes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not just relive a high school football game, but to take advantage of the same nutrition and training advice professional athletes like me benefit from everyday."

Hope this inspires you to go cheer on your high school football team at their rival Thanksgiving Day game!

Happy Thanksgiving ?


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