Branded Entertainment “Projections” for LG’s New Smartphone?

When I saw this commercial for LG’s new smartphone and projector the other day, I immediately thought exactly what the skeptic voiced aloud in the ad: “There’s no such thing as a projector phone!” However, although his voice dripped with scorn and disbelief, seeing is believing—and the proof was right before his eyes:

For the next couple of hours, as I was sitting with my family for some holiday board games, I kept repeating, “Wow, a projector phone? Am I the only one that thinks that is crazy?” My afterthoughts ranged from “Look how far this has come!” and “How useful this is going to be!” to “Wow, is this really necessary?”

A miniature projector on your phone? A slough of questions crossed my mind: Aside from businesspeople and teachers, is this technology actually practical for everyday use? Will the projector support large and high resolution files? Will images load instantly, or will users be subject to lag and buffer time? I needed to know more!

The phone, which LG calls eXpo, features an integrated Pico projector that weighs in at only 1.8 ounces–small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. Furthermore, the eXpo features a projection distance of up to eight feet and allows users to display web pages, documents, photos and videos on the go (a step up from add on models, such as the MiLi Pro Video Projector for iPhone, which TWEED featured last summer). Its speed and connection power boast a Snapdragon processor (1 GHz), and a pre-loaded Microsoft Office suite ensures compatibility with most documents and presentations.

With that information at hand, branded entertainment applications for this product immediately come to mind. Several different TV shows could use eXpo to their advantage. For example, Gossip Girl might send out a video link showcasing the latest scandal, which high school subjects could easily display on the courtyard wall (allowing drama to spread faster, of course).

Likewise, Glee could use the phone to show off the latest dance move, so the whole club doesn’t have to continually gather around a computer—and the clip could be replayed on the rehearsal space wall until they’ve got the choreography memorized. If integrated well, this kind of branded content could expose the technology to a broader demographic who might see the appeal and benefits of this new gadget.

Just another way branded entertainment enables a brand to engage with and expose products to new (and potentially younger) target audiences.

(Callie is a senior at the Kincaid School in Houston, Texas.  She is interning with OgilvyEntertainment for three weeks as part of “Kinkaid’s Career Development Program.”)

2 thoughts on “Branded Entertainment “Projections” for LG’s New Smartphone?

  1. Hi all its Andrea Mitchell from HighLine Interactive here in New York City, now this I like.. there will be so much with images you can project on walls with this feature. This will be a growing hit and the technology will improve and get crisper over time. Great feature, cool and needed

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