Tipping Point for Fashion Bloggers?

In the last year we’ve seen fashion bloggers not only garner cult followings, but also rise to celebrity status in their own right.  When the likes of Bryanboy, Tommy Ton and then 13-year old Tavi Gevinson started showing up in the front row, Chanel feathers were ruffled throughout the fashion establishment.  Quickly “if you can’t beat them, put them on the payroll” became the mantra as those same names started infiltrating the online masthead.

In their most recent fashion coup, bloggers are becoming a part of the creative forces they used to report on. For example, in a capsule collection called The Nexus Project, shoe company Sebago invited six influential bloggers to their facilities in the Dominican Republic to develop their own products and created content from the journey.  The results will be out by the end of the summer.

The question now is how far can this convergence go before turning off fans?  Obviously the boundaries between reporter and subject in this case are not nearly as drawn as they are in traditional journalism, but on some level I think blog followers value the distance that keeps the blogger eye fresh and credible.  It will be interesting to see whether there will be a backlash as the underdogs become the insiders, or if the growing access and influence they enjoy will propel them to new heights.

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