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FCUK Launches “YouTique”

Today French Connection launched “YouTique” to its YouTube channel featuring a series of stylist videos giving users expert advice on such topics as, How to Look Cool on Casual Friday, and How to Sparkle at a Wedding.  Stylist Louise Roe curates and talks through items and accessories from the retailer’s latest collection. Despite the gimmicky name, “YouTique” is a great example of a burgeoning shift in how brands need to behave to provide value to consumers.

With the evolution of e-commerce into a sophisticated shopping experience, retail marketers are using content as a tool to provide a deeper level of service and in turn engagement.  No longer is it about “What is J. Crew offering?” but “What does J. Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons think I should be wearing, and how?”.  It’s a win win situation as consumers get value out of expert advice and marketers get a high level of engagement intrinsically linked to point of purchase.  On the opposite side of the coin, traditionally editorial based media outlets like Vogue have been getting in the game offering Shop the Look one click away from purchase.  As these worlds convergence and content becomes a more prevalent tool, marketers will need to take a hard look at the core identity of their brand and determine what expertise or access they are in a unique position to provide.  In a world that moves as fast as fashion does, the stylist angle will quickly become old news.  Can’t wait to see what is next!

Tweed Flashback

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Break Media and Toyota Created Branded Entertainment Web Series Product Placement News 09.22.10
Break Media has partnered with Toyota to create branded entertainment web series.

The Thinking Behind Kmart’s Branded Entertainment Series, “First Day” Placevine 09.23.10
This week, Alloy debuts “First Day,” its first wholly original series for the web and a branded-entertainment vehicle for Kmart, which will use the program to promote three of its back-to-school product lines: Bongo, Rebecca Bon Bon and Dream Out Loud (the latter from Disney Channel star Selena Gomez).

How Branded Entertainment Can Help The New Reality Of TV Production Finances Media Post 09.24.10
If Ben Silverman is right, all future TV series will need bigger helping hands from advertisers-sponsors — help that goes beyond just buying TV commercials.

Google Campaign to Build Up Its Display Ads NYTimes 09.21.10
Google, the online search ad giant that rarely advertises, has decided it needs to advertise the fact that it is in the online display advertising business.

Disney Makes Social Media the Centerpiece of Theme Park Ad Campaign Mashable 09.23.10
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is using user-generated content at the centerpiece of its new “Let the Memories Begin” campaign.

Honda Utilizes New 3DX PhantaglyphTM 3D Technology in Maxim Campaign PR Newswire 09.23.10
3DX’s all new, never before seen PhantaglyphTM technology premiered in October’s issue of Maxim magazine to spotlight the Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid coupe ad campaign.

TV Guide Cuts Path to Relevance NYTimes 09.19.10
There was a time years ago when TV Guide’s fall television preview issues were hundreds of pages thick. Studios would clamor to get their ads placed next to the prime-time listings, knowing that the magazine sat on as many as 20 million coffee tables each week.

Why Netflix Has Already Won the Digital TV/Video War AdAge 09.23.10
Now that premium entertainment is becoming easy to stream from web to TV, the race to monetize growing consumer demand is becoming fierce.

CBS May Participate in TV Show Streaming Site Hulu’s Premium Service ‘Plus’ NYTimes 09.22.10
CBS, which airs shows like the Big Bang Theory, CSI and Survivor, may make a move to release its TV content through online steaming site Hulu’s premium subscription service, Hulu Plus, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Advertising Tequila On The House

“HBO is an advertising-free channel,” said Doug Ellin, creator of HBO’s Entourage in an interview for the New York Post last month.While we all know that HBO does not run traditional advertising spots, nor accept any money in exchange for product placement/integration, one thing is for sure — HBO is not free of valuable product exposure.

<br />

As Mr. Ellin began scripting the latest season of his hit show, he needed a new business idea for Turtle, one of the main characters. As It turned out, Ellin’s longtime childhood friend, also current Marquis Jet CEO, Kenny Dichter, had been working on the launch of a new beverage company, Tequila Avión. As Ellin said in the interview, “I told Kenny I’d love to use Avión on the show, but I told him, ‘You have no control how I use it.’ ”

Not only is Tequila Avión verbally mentioned throughout the series, but, it’s also seamlessly integrated into the storyline. Given Mr. Ellin’s relationship with Mr. Dichter, and HBO’s policy, no money was exchanged for the tequilas showcase. According to a recent article in MediaWeek, the episode airing on August 28 drew a season high of 2.86 million viewers. Mediaweek goes on to conclude “The trade-off for the millions in free brand exposure was putting Avión’s image in the hands of a showrunner rather than an agency creative director.” To me, this simply means letting entertainment minded individuals manage the process.

As more and more branded entertainment deals continue to get done there will be more expertise on this front. In this case, Dichter agreed to give Ellin “total creative license”. While this risk is one most brands wouldn’t be willing to take (understandable so), the trade-off certainly paid off for Tequila Avión.

With Tequila sales growing 1.3% in 2009 and Dichter telling Mediaweek he “literally can’t produce enough right now to meet the demand,” it was worth taking the chance.

Tweed Flashback

Great minds think alike, right? TWEED Flashback is helping minds connect by scouring the web once-a-week for any and all relevant entertainment, branded content and industry stories. Get a heads up and stay in the know with TWEED Flashback.

Mattel Planning Big Web Series Push For Barbie’s Beau Ken TubeFilter 09.16.10
Mattel has been looking to reinvent Ken with an ever so clever product placement as a central character in Toy Story 3D this summer. Now it looks like they are turning to the world of web series to revamp their plastic bachelor.

In-Game Advertising in EA Games Lifts Brand Sales
Product Placement News 09.15.10
The study, commissioned by EA on behalf of Gatorade, shows that in-game advertising increased household dollars spent on Gatorade by 24%, and offered a return on investment of $3.11.

As Chinese Youth Head Online, Marketers Follow With Content
AdAge 09.13.10
Faced with limited and pricey TV options, multinational marketers are flocking to popular online video sites to develop branded entertainment series for China, a market in which the most desirable consumers are likely to be online searching for content rather than watching the communal family TV set.


Kohl’s Grows With Brand Partners Brand Channel 09.15.10
What recession? If the sales being rung up at value-priced retailers like Target and Kohl’s are any indication, a bad economy has been doing them good.

Understanding How and Why Facebook Users Interact with Brands
Mashable 09.16.10
While much of finding what works for your business on social media sites is a process of trial and error, recent stats from e-mail marketing firm ExactTarget (which recently acquired social CRM platform CoTweet) shed some light on how the Facebook population uses the site, and specifically, how it interacts with brands.

AOL’s Tim Armstrong Stresses Centrality of Content at 360i’s Digital Marketing Summit
360i Blog 09.16.10
AOL CEO Tim Armstrong delivered the opening keynote at 360i’s annual Digital Marketing Summit in New York City today. While much of it fittingly discussed what AOL is doing, he put it all in the context of why AOL is making these moves and what the bigger implications are for media and brands.

MTV’s Video Music Awards Draws Record Ratings Hollywood Reporter 09.13.10
Say what you will about Chelsea Handler, her hosting job didn’t hurt the VMA’s ratings.

Tired of Reality TV, But Still Tuning In NYTimes 09.13.10
In a recent poll by TiVo, television viewers said they were growing tired of reality shows, with 40 percent calling reality the most overdone genre of programming. (Suspense was the viewers’ favorite.) But in the only poll that counts – the ratings – viewers also had an overwhelming favorite for the summer season of TV, and it wasn’t suspense.

Google Music: Cloud-Based Locker, Streaming and Downloads
NYTimes 09.15.10
A new digital music service from Google will likely include a la carte downloads, music sharing and a cloud-based “digital locker” where users can store their music for $25 a year, according to a report by Billboard.

Tweed Flashback

Great minds think alike, right? TWEED Flashback is helping minds connect by scouring the web once-a-week for any and all relevant entertainment, branded content and industry stories. Get a heads up and stay in the know with TWEED Flashback.

Philips Tries Online Branded Entertainment Product Placement News 09.07.10
Philips, the consumer electronics company, has entered into the realm of branded entertainment with a brand new web comedy series that features some of its latest products.

Huggies Sees the Funny Side of Parenting in U.K
. AdAge 09.02.10
Kimberly-Clark sponsors comics’ riffs on babies and posts their shows

Samsung Goes Viral for Galaxy
Brand Channel 09.09.10
“To promote its ‘Be your own style’ tagline for its Galaxy smartphone, Samsung UK’s new viral video features a flash mob. Its non-branded title (“Cute girl has a catchy dance”) doesn’t tip off the fact that it’s a professional commercial…”


Web Users Now Spend More Time on Facebook Than Google Mashable 09.10.10
“Facebook is the web’s biggest time sink.”

Burger King Introduces Iconic Character in the U.K.
AdAge 09.08.10
Fast-food chain hopes the king and new owners will reverse sales slump

Video Music Awards’ Ad Revenue Surges on Air and Online AdAge 09.09.10
A “long list of marketers will be getting some considerable screen-time during this weekend’s telecast…”


Judd Apatow Switches Gears; Now Working on Female-Centric Projects Cinematical 09.09.10c
Collider has word that Judd Apatow will collaborate with up-and-coming writer/director Lena Dunham on an upcoming tv pilot for HBO.

MTV Bumps Vevo as Top Online Music Destination, Igniting a Web Video Flame War Fast Company 09.09.10
Last month, the world’s largest record label announced that would no longer be carrying its artists’ music videos; instead, the label would broadcast on Vevo, the Hulu-for-music-video platform that has been growing in popularity with help from YouTube.

Lionsgate to Board: Reject Icahn’s Latest Bid Hollywood Reporter 09.09.10
No surprise here: Lionsgate has rejected Carl Icahn’s latest $7.50-a-share takeover over to seize control of the mini-studio, deeming it under-valued.