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TWEED Video of the Week: IBM Turns 100

With IBM’s 100th birthday in 2011 comes a lot of celebration and reflection of the past 100 years of brilliance, innovation and advances.  Celebrations include participation in volunteer activities, the creation of two short films, global lectures and the distribution of commemorative memorabilia.

As part of IBM’s remembrance and renewal, two viral videos were created and released in late January. “100×100” and “They Were There,” 13 minutes and 30 minutes respectively, have already proven to be a hit.  “100×100″ is beautifully done with 100 different people presenting the IBM achievement recorded in the year they were born, starting with the year 1911.  “They Were There” is told by first hand witnesses, current and retired employees, who were there when IBM made world-changing developments.  Check out “100×100″ below and if you like what you see, you’ll definitely want to watch “They Were There” to meet the people involved in changing the way our world works.

Call Me a Belieber

As someone who has spent a lot of time developing film in a darkroom, I feel very nostalgic when it comes to the romantic attributes of film. However, despite my natural affinity for film versus its digital counterpart, it is impossible to deny the advantages of digital technology when compounded with the interconnectedness of the Internet.

On Monday it was reported that Paramount will release an updated director’s fan cut of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, to be released February 25th.  The director, John M. Chu, made revisions to the film based on feedback from fans on Facebook and Twitter.  In doing so he has added 40 minutes of new and never before seen footage to the film.

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The new director’s fan cut will be released in 3D theaters only.  This is definitely a sign that the game has changed and highlights a major advantage in the digital distribution of movies.

In a digital landscape where information is exchanged in real-time (i.e., Facebook and Twitter) and consumers are increasingly accustomed to being able to access entertainment on demand, Chu has proven that he has a masterful understanding of how to profit from the changes in the way people consume media.  He has created an immediate opportunity for die-hard fans to open their wallets and spend money for a second time on a movie that has already grossed $51.4 million dollars in its first 11 days in release.

While the record labels and major television networks/movie studios worry about the negative implications of the Internet on their bottom line, I have to give much credit to John Chu and Justin Bieber for continuously finding ways to profitably use the medium to their advantage.  In addition to directing Never Say Never and innovating with this new Director’s fan cut, Chu also created The LXD, the most viewed original web series on Hulu.  As for Justin Bieber, he used YouTube to catapult himself from anonymity to superstardom.  He is a social media giant, with just under 22MM Facebook Likes, surpassing Usher (the artist who signed him) at 14MM likes.

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When it comes to Chu and Bieber’s ability to innovate and aggregate a mass audience in a digital world, I think I may just have to call myself a Belieber.

TWEED Flashback

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New Version of Justin Bieber Film Heading to Theaters With 40 Minutes of New Footage The Hollywood Reporter 2.21.11

Jon Chu, creator of LXD and director of Never Say Never, just announced that he will be re-cutting the already released movie to incorporate fan’s feedback. The updated director’s fan cut will contain 40 minutes of new footage and will be released in 3D only.

YouTube Goes Hollywood NBC News 2.21.11

According to New York magazine’s Vulture site, YouTube is talking to agents about paying celebrities to start their own channels on the site.

N.F.L. Labor Dispute Plays Out on Twitter NY Times 2.21.11

Houston Texans right tackle, Eric Winston, uses social media to justify a complaint against the players union filed last week by the N.F.L.


Facebook Cracks ComScore US Ad Survey Top 10 for First Time PC World 2.22.11

With more than 150 million unique visitors in January, Facebook grabs a spot in ComScore’s Ad Focus survey of the top 10 U.S. sites and advertising networks.

Smartphones turn bar code squares into sales tools USA Today 2.21.11

Tech experts believe the 2-D codes are on their way to becoming marketing and sales tools as ubiquitous as Facebook or texting.

Start Spreading the News: Walmart Could Take NYC AdAge 2.21.11

If Walmart can make it here, perhaps they can make it anywhere. Perhaps this time one of the earth’s largest retailers will get the foothold in New York it’s sought for decades.


Britney Spears’ ‘Hold It Against Me’ Video Criticized for Too Many Product Tie-Ins The Hollywood Reporter 2.18.11

“Featuring Sony flat-screens, bottles of her own perfume and shots of a dating Web site, the singer’s latest offering is practically an “infomercial,” snipes one critic.

Advertisers Bring On The Glam For Oscar Forbes 2.22.11

Unilever’s Dove, J.C. Penney and online deals site are all launching new campaigns this Sunday during ABC’s broadcast of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

LEVI’S / REAR VIEW GIRLS Contagious Magazine 2.22.11

A hidden camera in a pair of jeans not only captured the eyes of numerous viewers around Los Angeles, the video received more than 5.5 million YouTube views over the weekend.

TWEED Video of the Week: Britney’s Product Placement

In her newly released four-and-a-half-minute music video, Britney Spears features her own personal fragrance Radiance, Make Up Forever eye-shadow, Sony electronics, and the dating website which was said to be the only paid placement.

According to a New York Times article, “, has made a name for itself by engaging in one of the more traditional forms of branded entertainment: paying to have itself placed in scenes in music videos.

“With revenue from record sales declining, bands, singers and other artists can make money by integrating products into their performances.” However, “the line between what is the right amount of brand integration and what is too much is a fine one.”  Take a look at “Hold it Against Me” and let us know what you think.

Branded Entertainment Summit at MIPTV

Ogilvy CEO takes center stage at MIPTV 2011

Miles Young, global CEO of advertising leader Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, will leave his mark on this years Branded Entertainment Summit with a keynote addressing new opportunity in branded content.

Brand of the Year

MIPTV will award the first-ever Brand of the Year Award for outstanding contribution to the development and production of branded entertainment. An international jury including Doug Scott (OgilvyEntertainment), Ben Silverman (Electus), Robert Friedman ( and filmmaker Brett Ratner will select the brand that has exemplified what is creatively possible in this collaborative industry.  Click here for more details.

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