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Lady Gaga to Perform at Cannes Film Festival The Hollywood Reporter 5.10.11

Lady Gaga will be showing her poker face in Cannes this year. The singer will present a live concert Wednesday on Canal Plus’ “Le Grand Journal,” which has set up a stage at the event.

How 3D Is Fueling the International Box Office 5.10.11

Titles like “Kung Fu Panda 2″ and “Pirates 4″ aim to capitalize on the popularity of the technology, which helped international grosses climb 30% over the past five years.

Google Music Is (Finally) Here Mashable 5.10.11 At long last, the worst-kept secret in the music industry has been confirmed: Google has launched its music service.


Facebook Now Pays Users 10 Cents To Watch Certain Ads Mashable 5.06.11

Facebook introduced a program Thursday that offers consumers a financial incentive to watch ads on the site.

LocalResponse Eyes Big Brands With Full-Service Check-In Advertising NY Times 5.10.11

LocalResponse, a company that lets businesses monitor and respond to check-ins, today announced the launch of its service for agencies and brands. The company initially rolled out the service to local merchants just two weeks ago.

BMW Launches eBay Store PSFK 5.10.11

The company becomes the first automotive manufacturer to open an official store on the auction site.BMW announced yesterday that it will start selling car parts and accessories directly to the owners, from an eBay store.


Lady Gaga & Zynga Found GagaVille Mashable 5.10.11

Two social media heavyweights – Lady Gaga and Zynga – will partner for GagaVille, an offshoot of FarmVille.

Carnival Cruise Lines Sets Sail with Live Nation BrandChannel 5.10.11

Leisure travel may have taken a hit during the recent recession, but that hasn’t stopped cruise lines from building bigger, more extravagant ships. Carnival Cruise Lines just debuted its new European cruise ship, Carnival Magic, and is taking 2012 reservations for its new Carnival Breeze.

Range Rover Evoque Contagious 5.05.11

The next phase in the Pulse of the City project, Range Rover’s promotional vehicle for its flashy city-dwelling Evoque model, is a fully interactive choice-based film created by Brooklyn Brothers London with award winning director Nick Gordon.


YouTube Relaunches Rentals, Revamps Site for Pro Content NY Times 5.10.11

YouTube is adding 3000 new movies to its library of VOD rentals. The site is also rolling out a new look for serialized and other forms of professionally produced content, a step that should help to bolster the audience of shows produced by YouTube’s partners.

HBO Go Mobile App Gets More Than 1 Million Downloads in First Week The Hollywood Reporter 5.10.11

HBO co-president Eric Kessler says “Game of Thrones” will be an early attempt at creating exclusive HBO Go windows, and he argues any negative effect on DVD sales from broader availability of HBO content will be negligible.

No Printer Required: First Paperless Daily Deal Service Launches Mashable 5.10.11

Gaming platform SCVNGR has teamed up with American Express and Levi’s to create the first paperless daily deal redemption system.

The Game Changer: Will Interactive Ads Drive User Engagement?

Advertising to the masses has become increasingly difficult in the age of the multi-screen user. Engaging potential consumers with a brand poses a unique challenge to companies who know their audience is probably interacting with 2 or 3 pieces of technology at once. And of course it is now easier for consumers to opt out of the ad-experience altogether. When was the last time you watched a DVR’d show with the commercials? The solution for the past few years has been somewhat invasive and highly personal marketing strategies. Targeted marketing is nothing new- the internet has just made tailored ads infinitely creepier and personal – no one is safe from their own searches!

While this invasiveness has certainly been a drawback for many internet users, the success of applications like FourSquare, Facebook and Twitter suggest that people actually want the world to know everything about them, every minute of every day. Monetizing these websites has, for the most part, involved simply targeting users based on their personal searches and like-minded consumer research. But what’s truly engaging about that? Digital companies are now recognizing the need  to engage future consumers in a two-way dialogue. SCVNGR, a social location gaming application, takes the idea of FourSquare one step further by encouraging users to play games at desired destinations for countless goodies. For example, check in to the local burrito shop and build a tinfoil animal for a 50% coupon. Marketers can target SCVNGR users and challenge gamers directly to win free merchandise or food.

The popularity of incentivizing gaming applications has not gone unseen by Facebook. Creating a reward system for the millions of app and internet users has become the latest trend and represents a big change in the space of targeted advertising. People love games. People love free things. Advertisers now have the opportunity to create experiences that provide users with the things they want – sometimes instantly – while also building a personal repertoire with the brand. By opting in to a certain setting, the Ad network TrialPlay allows users the opportunity to receive credits eligible to be redeemed anywhere on Facebook for watching certain videos or participating in games.

Not to be outdone, branded content will increase relevancy simply through the act of sharing. Video platform Sharethrough provides Facebook credits to users who share with their favorite items with friends. Shifting the focus away from mere number of clicks to measuring how a video grows through different user communities will allow brands to see the social impact of their campaigns while still providing valuable entertainment assets. I love everything the Lonely Island guys do and this short for Rokk Vodka is just one example of how viral videos can lift brand awareness while providing consumer incentives.

Only time will tell the true effectiveness of these ads. Luxury brands may have difficulty engaging the average Facebook gamer to the point of buying a new car – or actually earning enough points to get something free. Similarly, the incentives may not carry enough weight to really pull out the player in all of the non-gamers out there. But for the immediate, every day things – interactive ads with incentives may be a perfect fit for certain brands.

TWEED Video of the Week: “Range Rover Evoque – Being Henry”

Land Rover’s recently released interactive film to promote the brand’s metro 4X4 vehicle:

“The next phase in the Pulse of the City project, Land Rover’s promotional vehicle for its flashy city-dwelling Evoque model, is a fully interactive choice-based film created by Brooklyn Brothers London with award winning director Nick Gordon.

Staring Leo Fitzpatric from The Wire and comprising of nine different story lines and 32 unique endings, the Hollywood-inspired film was shot in Los Angeles and follows the well-worn choose your own adventure path trodden by many brands over the years. The plot centres around the character of Henry, who starts off in his apartment simply deciding which cereal to choose, but later descending into an increasingly wild plot with rats being shot and his Gran being kidnapped and tortured by a harpoon gun. Users can, of course, make various decisions during the journey that lead to different realities.

The purpose of this personalised plot is to communicate the huge variety of options available on the car – through subtle colour, situational and emotional references the film takes the choices that the users input on Henry’s behalf and output them in the form of an Evoque that suits.

Nick Gordon explains: ‘I am really inspired by projects that push digital boundaries, and in creating interactive work that is designed to emotionally and creatively engage rather than be purely driven by technology. Range Rover’s commitment to one of the most adventurous collaborations I have ever been part of has been incredible, Being Henry and has been a real learning curve for me on how creative interactivity is the future of really engaging with and respecting consumers.”

Time Warner Cable Lights Up the Tribeca Film Festival

By, Amy Soloway

Time Warner Cable was the 2011 signature media sponsor of the Tribeca Film Festival.  Through the sponsorship, TWC had the opportunity to activate at the following festival events: Drive-In, ESPN Gala & After Party, ESPN Sports Saturday and host a private screening of ESPN Sports Film “Catching Hell.”

The goal for TWC was to create memorable engagements for the consumer and that they did.  They maximized their sponsorship benefits in an engaging and interactive manner on-site, and provided an inside look to Directors, Artists and Talent through VOD content captured throughout the event.  TWC once again demonstrated to their customers that they bring them closer to the things they love.

One of the highlights at Tribeca, The Drive-In, is exactly what it sounds like with the exception of the cars.  Located at the World Financial Center, Time Warner Cable had a booth space that was always packed with people.  Children were getting their caricatures drawn while receiving premiums from movies like “Tangled,” “Despicable Me,” and “Alpha and Omega.”  As if walking away with your hands full of goodies didn’t cause enough excitement, Time Warner Cable literally lit up the Drive-In with brand ambassadors dressed from head to toe in glow-in-the-dark attire handing out glow-in-the-dark necklaces, bracelets, wands and rings. This riled the crowd up with everyone from 6 year-olds to 60 year-olds wearing Time Warner Cable branded items.


For those Time Warner Cable customers that missed the Tribeca Film Festival, not to fear!  You can watch select movies from this year’s festival right from the comfort of your own home on Movies On Demand.

TWEED Flashback

Great minds think alike, right? TWEED Flashback is helping minds connect by scouring the web once-a-week for any and all relevant entertainment, branded content and industry stories. Get a heads up and stay in the know with TWEED Flashback.


Justin Bieber, Conan O’Brien Win Webby Awards The Hollywood Reporter 5.03.11

Zach Galifianakis, Lisa Kudrow, Conan O’Brien and Funny or Die were big winners at the Webby Awards this year, with Justin Bieber and Will Ferrell also among those honored.

Take Two: Amateur Producer Relaunches YouTube Reality Dating Show Mashable 5.02.11

Twenty-four year-old Brandon Fletcher is the amateur executive producer behind YouTube reality dating show Date Unknown, a four-year-old show looking to graduate from YouTube obscurity to small screen fame.

Cannes Sales Roundup Deadline Hollywood 5.03.11

The 2011 Cannes Film Festival doesn’t get underway until next week, but the market is already getting busy.


New York Times’ Groupon Clone: More Caviar Than Bikini Wax AdAge 5.03.11

Want to drop $460 on a caviar party? The New York Times thinks you might. In its very own Groupon clone, TimesLimited has also offered up $100 or $260 in flowers for mom, $300 for a seven-course meal and $195 for a cooking class. What a bargain!

Football Advertising Inventory Starts To Move Ahead of Upfront Market

AdAge 5.03.11

The nation’s big broadcast networks won’t unveil their schedules for the 2011-2012 season for another two weeks, but several have already started to sell advertising in both NFL and college football telecasts slated to air in the fall, according to ad buyers familiar with the negotiations.

Big Data: How New Technology Is Helping Marketers Create Better Consumer Experiences Mashable 5.02.11

In this era of constant connectivity and tracking, we are creating huge amounts of data every second. Just like consumers, marketers are facing information overload. The big question is: How can we use this data to produce better, more relevant customer experiences?


The Hangover Sequel Launches SCVNGR Hunt at 7-Eleven Mashable 5.03.11

The Hangover Part II doesn’t hit theaters until May 26, but consumers can start playing along Monday in a SCVNGR promotion at 7-Eleven.

Pepsi Introduces Social Vending Machines PSFK 5.03.11

PepsiCo announced the launch of its Social Vending System last week, a digital vending machine with an interactive touchscreen display. The system lets users buy a drink as a gift for a friend and personalize it with a video message.

Fast Five Dodge Charger Is Product Placement Of The Year BrandChannel 5.02.11

With Universal claiming that Fast Five’s opening weekend is the most lucrative opening in the studio’s history, it was a winning weekend for Chrysler and Dodge, the brand that poured a lot into the film including extensive cross-branding and marketing tie-ins, both onscreen and off.


Bin Laden’s Death Sparks Record 12.4 Million Tweets Per Hour Mashable 5.02.11

The death of Osama Bin Laden was one of the most tweeted events in history – and generated the highest sustained rate of tweets ever.

Amazon Launches Membership-Only Fashion Site Mashable 5.03.11

Amazon is tossing its hat into the high-fashion discounts game. The eretailer giant announced Tuesday that it’s launching a membership-only shopping site that will offer up to 60% off on fashion items.

AT&T To Launch Groupon Competitor Mashable 5.03.11

Add another big player to the list of Groupon competitors: AT&T. The telecom giant Monday began pre-registration to consumers in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Dallas-Fort Worth for a service via the company’s that will send daily deals to consumers