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Justin Bieber, Conan O’Brien Win Webby Awards The Hollywood Reporter 5.03.11

Zach Galifianakis, Lisa Kudrow, Conan O’Brien and Funny or Die were big winners at the Webby Awards this year, with Justin Bieber and Will Ferrell also among those honored.

Take Two: Amateur Producer Relaunches YouTube Reality Dating Show Mashable 5.02.11

Twenty-four year-old Brandon Fletcher is the amateur executive producer behind YouTube reality dating show Date Unknown, a four-year-old show looking to graduate from YouTube obscurity to small screen fame.

Cannes Sales Roundup Deadline Hollywood 5.03.11

The 2011 Cannes Film Festival doesn’t get underway until next week, but the market is already getting busy.


New York Times’ Groupon Clone: More Caviar Than Bikini Wax AdAge 5.03.11

Want to drop $460 on a caviar party? The New York Times thinks you might. In its very own Groupon clone, TimesLimited has also offered up $100 or $260 in flowers for mom, $300 for a seven-course meal and $195 for a cooking class. What a bargain!

Football Advertising Inventory Starts To Move Ahead of Upfront Market

AdAge 5.03.11

The nation’s big broadcast networks won’t unveil their schedules for the 2011-2012 season for another two weeks, but several have already started to sell advertising in both NFL and college football telecasts slated to air in the fall, according to ad buyers familiar with the negotiations.

Big Data: How New Technology Is Helping Marketers Create Better Consumer Experiences Mashable 5.02.11

In this era of constant connectivity and tracking, we are creating huge amounts of data every second. Just like consumers, marketers are facing information overload. The big question is: How can we use this data to produce better, more relevant customer experiences?


The Hangover Sequel Launches SCVNGR Hunt at 7-Eleven Mashable 5.03.11

The Hangover Part II doesn’t hit theaters until May 26, but consumers can start playing along Monday in a SCVNGR promotion at 7-Eleven.

Pepsi Introduces Social Vending Machines PSFK 5.03.11

PepsiCo announced the launch of its Social Vending System last week, a digital vending machine with an interactive touchscreen display. The system lets users buy a drink as a gift for a friend and personalize it with a video message.

Fast Five Dodge Charger Is Product Placement Of The Year BrandChannel 5.02.11

With Universal claiming that Fast Five’s opening weekend is the most lucrative opening in the studio’s history, it was a winning weekend for Chrysler and Dodge, the brand that poured a lot into the film including extensive cross-branding and marketing tie-ins, both onscreen and off.


Bin Laden’s Death Sparks Record 12.4 Million Tweets Per Hour Mashable 5.02.11

The death of Osama Bin Laden was one of the most tweeted events in history – and generated the highest sustained rate of tweets ever.

Amazon Launches Membership-Only Fashion Site Mashable 5.03.11

Amazon is tossing its hat into the high-fashion discounts game. The eretailer giant announced Tuesday that it’s launching a membership-only shopping site that will offer up to 60% off on fashion items.

AT&T To Launch Groupon Competitor Mashable 5.03.11

Add another big player to the list of Groupon competitors: AT&T. The telecom giant Monday began pre-registration to consumers in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Dallas-Fort Worth for a service via the company’s that will send daily deals to consumers

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