Hit by the Awesome Train – No wait…Subway Train

Each week OgilvyEntertainment counts down the top 10 industry happenings that made us do a double take and set tongues wagging in the office.  From show-stopping bombshells to juicy tidbits, we’re rounding up the coolest, weirdest, scariest, funniest and most mind-blowing items of the week.  Catching up on the week’s entertainment, branded content and industry-related adventures in 30 words or less?  Now that’s like getting hit by the awesome train.

10. Booktrack – The Soundtrack to your…Book?

9. Charlie Sheen’s Character – Hit by the Subway Train

8. Jeans Made even more Simple

7. Emmy Touchdown for FNL

6. Tweetwalk – The New “I’m too Sexy”

5. Text Me!…No really.

4. New Math Equation: Netflix = Netflix + Qwikster

3. Now you know who doesn’t like you! Embrace Facebook Defriend Option

2. Smartphone – Breaking Genius Barriers

1. Do Tell – Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Lifted

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