Taking Facebook Stalking to a Whole New Level

We’re all guilty of a little Facebook stalking. Checking on your Middle School best friend who is now married with children, peeking at an ex’s recently tagged photos, laughing at your old boss who connected Spotify to their Facebook account and announced to the world that they are now listening to “What’s Love Got to Do With It” by Tina Turner. In most cases, Facebook stalking is pretty innocent and normal – and passes with barely an afterthought.

Unless, you’re this guy:

Canadian developers Jason Nickel and Jason Zada developed an interactive video that uses your Facebook information to create a creepy short form thriller starring a dirty finger-nailed, heavy breathing, crazy eyed man – and you.

Check it out here.

Watching the video, you see your profile information pop up, pictures of you and your best friends, and a map with your location flash across the screen. Panic increases as you realize you’re unprotected and he has *gasp* A CAR! He’s coming for you and there is no way to stop him. You start to wish you hadn’t been so greedy and taken that lollipop.

The developers commented that the experience was created to be just that: a suspenseful ride right before the spookiest Holiday of the year. If you ask me though, it sends a much clearer message of taking advantage of the more advanced privacy settings available on Facebook. Needless to say, creepy stalker man won’t know where I am on Halloween.

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