Can You Taste the Linsanity?

If you haven’t heard of Jeremy Lin, chances are you don’t have a television and/or you live under a rock. This Asian-American baller and Harvard graduate has reinvigorated the Knicks’ season, flaunting three-pointers on the basketball court like nobody’s business, increasing revenues for sports merchandising retailers nationwide and even catching the attention of Ben, Jerry & Doug. That’s right – you know you have arrived when Ben & Jerry name an ice cream flavor after you (e.g. Taste the Linsanity).

Doug Scott, President of OgilvyEntertainment, recently spoke to Fast Company magazine to comment on Jeremy Lin’s rapid popularity and branding. How rapid? To give you an idea, in the two weeks following Emporor Lin’s debut on February 4th, 2012, traffic on the Knicks’ two websites increased 770%. Scott cites relatability as a major factor in Lin’s success, stating: “ in the world of gems, the more facets the greater the design. The fact that Jeremy has so many facets is a tremendous plus for him. The more relatable that he is, the better for the brand over time.”

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