Absolut Genius

Absolut Vodka recently announced their new campaign, “Absolut Unique,” to distribute 4 million unique bottles across the globe.  In order to make this happen, the company will re-engineer their production plan in Sweden and set up splash guns and color-generating machines programmed with coating, pattern and placement algorithms to ensure no two bottles are alike.  The bottles will be individually numbered and distributed in 80 markets through the US, UK, China, France and Germany.

This genius marketing plan will turn their bottling factory into an artist’s studio.  They are not simply producing a few unique products — they are producing 4 million.  This will set the bar for brands in the liquor and packaged-goods categories.

Absolut has previously created limited-edition bottles including Absolut Glimmer, Absolut London and Absolut Brooklyn.  We look forward to seeing what they come up with next.


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