Airline Safety Videos from Delta and Air New Zealand

Does anybody ever really watch the safety demonstrations on airplanes? Whether they’re performed live or pre-recorded and shown in flight, I think many passengers agree that they’re not taken as seriously as perhaps they should be; instead, they’re seen as dull and slightly useless. Airlines, who are keenly aware of this, have transformed the challenge into an opportunity.

Delta and Air New Zealand are among some of the airlines that have released less ignorable safety videos, enlivening them with witty jokes and playful interpretations of the standard safety principles. Delta’s videos, created by Wieden + Kennedy, will roll out sporadically in flight in order to build customers’ anticipation and curiosity. Air New Zealand’s take on the video, meanwhile, is slightly wackier. The airline has dubbed itself the “Airline of the Middle Earth,” as part of its marketing integration with the upcoming movie ‘The Hobbit’, and released a set of outrageous films that will certainly guarantee passengers’ attention during the pre-flight briefing. Perhaps the coolest part about these videos is that they’re transforming the once incredibly dull safety demonstrations that only lived in-flight to viral digital clips, adding a new channel of eager viewership.

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