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Media Idol

We’re going to Hollywood!

More accurately, Digital Hollywood is coming to us right here in the Big Apple.

Next week on March 5th and 6th, the Digital Hollywood crew (over 1000 of the Media industry’s top executives) reconvenes for its 10th Annual New York Media Summit. This meeting is the premier conference on Digital, Mobile, Advertising, Television, Film, Cable & Satellite, Publishing, Radio, Magazines, News & Print Media and Marketing – and anything else media-related.

Since 1990, over forty-thousand industry executives have attended Digital Hollywood in Los Angeles, New York, San Jose and in Las Vegas, including representatives of every major studio, technology company, cable, satellite and communications company, retailers as well as content developers and programmers for all entertainment industry medias and market segments.

Next week’s event will include even more members of the media brain trust gathering to tackle the biggest challenges our industry faces today, running the spectrum all the way from financing and investing to transmedia storytelling.

On Tuesday, you can catch me moderating a panel on Contextual Media & Advertising: Transforming and Redefining the Relationship Between the Consumer, Advertising and Media Platforms. Our panel includes a diverse range of expertise from agencies across the media spectrum, which reflects just how fragmented its all become.

Register to join me and this prestigious group at

Event Details:

2013 Media Summit New York, March 5-6, McGraw-Hill Building (49th St & 6th Ave), New York City.

Contextual Media & Advertising Panel: Tuesday, March 5th at 10:45am to 12pm. Session B: Room 209. Learn more here:


5 Things Brands Can Learn From NASCAR

This Sunday kicked off the 2013 NASCAR season, with the 55th running of the Daytona 500.  For the better part of a week the fanfare belonged to Danica Patrick.  All eyes were on whether history would be made in the “Great American Race.”  From her start in the pole position to leading a lap in the race and ultimately finishing eighth, she did not disappoint.  There were other storylines leading into the race such as the launch of the new Gen 6 cars, Brad Keselowski’s defense of his 2012 title and the launch of the new NASCAR brand campaign.

Clint Bowyer in Rivals & Tony Stewart in Twist

Many believe NASCAR and FOX will come away from Sunday’s contest as one of the most widely viewed races.  Early overnights indicate FOX earning a 10.0 rating, which is up 30% from 2012’s race (actual ratings will be released later this week). Online, conversation on Twitter alone drove more than 31 million media impressions in just 24 hours.1

Yet as with many sports, NASCAR faces challenges in an ever-fragmented entertainment environment. It is looking to face these head-on: how to reach new audiences, deepen fan engagement via social media, amplify live events and maximize the impact of sponsorship dollars.

So what can brands learn from NASCAR’s approach in 2013?

Leverage your stars’ power – NASCAR is focusing its efforts on the appeal and prowess of its drivers.  Patrick made history multiple times over the last week, intensifying attention not only on the race but the sport itself. Her relationship with Ricky Stenhouse Jr. also drives tabloid frenzy off the track.  She is one example of how to leverage star power to raise awareness of the sport. NASCAR is committing to highlighting driver personalities to appeal to broader, younger audiences, allowing them to reveal the real NASCAR through their stories.  The drivers are popular, relatable and authentic, especially when one looks back at 2012 champion Keselowski honoring his partner Miller Lite in Victory Lane.  And, well-known personalities like Jimmy Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. rank among the top 10 most influential athletes in the US.  Using existing stars to amplify the brand allows any brand to increase its reach.

Connect with your fans, new and current – NASCAR knows it needs to both excite its core fans and to become relevant to new audiences.  While yesterday’s race made fans out of rappers 50cent  and T.I., as well as New England Patriots’ Wes Welker there’s more to be done in connecting with new audiences.

NASCAR regularly calls out and connects with its fans on digital and social channels, particularly during the actual race itself.  Most of the conversation around the race in social channels is with fans themselves.  And, almost 50% of communication is happening via iPhone and Android devices as evident at Daytona, and conversations around #Daytona500.Yet its current fan base skews older and is primarily Caucasian.  For the sport to evolve, NASCAR knows it needs to reach new audiences such as Gen Y, Hispanics and Youths and is working on connecting with them, on the channels where they live. This year’s race marked another first as FOX Deportes broadcast the Daytona 500 live in Spanish with the first Hispanic spots by NASCAR also being revealed.  This is in tandem with the NASCAR Mexican series race taking place this weekend in Phoenix.  Understanding future and current audiences is key for any brand to maintain and grow their fan base.

Know how your fans engage with you in digital and social – Knowing that 35% of fans engage in second screen viewing while watching races, NASCAR is placing a higher importance on that experience.  Enhancements to the Raceview product this year is one way to engage with fans during the race, ensuring they are up-to-speed on all the action.  But in 2013, NASCAR is going one step beyond in communicating and understanding their fans with the HP Fan Engagement Center, extending the dialogue with fans throughout the week beyond the days leading up to and after race day.  Knowing “where” and “how” to engage consumers is imperative for brands to drive deeper engagement.

Collaborate with your partners – The sport of NASCAR, as with many sports, hinges on partnerships and collaboration.  NASCAR is founded on a tight ecosystem of relationships, from broadcast partners to teams/drivers to tracks and sponsors.  Because of this, the ecosystem needs to bring forth a unifying message to who and what NASCAR is to reach new audiences and drive further growth of the sport.  Brands should focus on ensuring that all parts of their ecosystem are talking with a consistent voice across all channels, in essence assuring  “all ships rise.”

Showcase your unique selling points – NASCAR has many unique attributes. It’s a place where a town swells by more than 100,000 over a given weekend.  Where drivers face G-forces that rival those of astronauts.  And where no other sport can be compared to NASA, by NASA.

It’s behind-the-scenes access to its heroes that is unparalleled in any other sport.  It’s where one second can change everything – going from third to eighth, becoming popular by tweeting from inside a race car, where a friend becomes a rival (think Clint Bowyer-Jeff Gordon or Tony Stewart-Matt Kenseth).  It’s not just an event; it’s a one-of-a-kind experience.  NASCAR understands that and is putting these moments and stories front and center in its communications strategy and 2013 brand campaign, being unapologetic and authentic in who they are.  Brands should do the same and celebrate their uniqueness to connect with fans.

What are your thoughts on how brands can learn from NASCAR?


1 Keyhole Real-time Tracker: #Daytona500

Industry News 2.25.13

OgilvyEntertainment Press Review is a collection of the latest client, branded entertainment, and industry news.

Read Making magic, using logic: the Ogilvy Branded Entertainment Assessment ModelTM.


Heineken’s “The Candidate” the Latest in Extreme Interviewing brandchannel 2.21.13 In response to the shrunken job pool and the ever-growing ocean of job seekers, many companies are taking a non-traditional approach to filling openings. Enter Heineken and their ‘extreme’ interviewing process. The Dutch beer giant released a viral video, simply titled “The Candidate”, in which viewers get to watch a handful of unsuspecting hopefuls interview for an internship with the company’s Event and Sponsorship department.

Honey Maid Site, TV Spots Spotlight Kids’ Creativity Media Post Publications 2.19.13 Mondelez International’s Honey Maid brand has launched a “Made Co.” site where kids ages 6 to 12 have opportunities to have their ideas brought to life by creative professionals. The site ties in with new TV spots for the brand’s latest product extension, Honey Maid Grahamfuls, which also feature real children’s creative achievements.

Target Sponsors Lyric-Writing Promo to Push Exclusive Album ClickZ 2.19.13 With its bullseye on its teen fan base, Target has teamed up with pop/R&B group Mindless Behavior in a Facebook contest that asks fans to write their own lyrics for a verse of a special edition of the song, “All Around the World,” that will be available exclusively through Target. Submissions for the contest, “Your Lyrics, Their Voices,” will be accepted February 18 to 25 on Mindless Behavior’s Facebook page.


Japanese Women’s Legs Used As Advertising Space in Japan Inquisitr 2.21.13 We’re all familiar with Japan’s creative and often strange advertising methods, but this may be a first. Absolute Territory PR, a Japanese advertising agency, has begun paying young Japanese women to apply stick-on tattoos to their legs. The guerrilla advertising technique has proven very successful in Japan. 

Kindle Marriage Equality Ad Pushes Amazon’s Stance brandchannel 2.21.13 It has been nearly 16 years since the episode of “Ellen” that found its main character, as played by Ellen DeGeneres, come out of the closet and tell the world that she was gay, followed up by the historic “Yep, I’m Gay” cover of TIME. That, of course, was a watershed moment and plenty has happened since. States have legalized gay marriage. Gay characters that don’t fall into ancient stereotypes actually populate mainstream films and television shows.

The New York Times Launches Real Time Ad Serving with Twitter Data Huffington Post 2.19.13 The New York Times has launched “Spark,” a product created by the Times’ Idea Lab that serves display advertising into stories as they are trending on Twitter, matched with the demographics of the users who “touch” the story on the social network, explains Michael Zimbalist, VP fo R&D and Operations, in this video segment on Beet.TV


Nielsen Plans to Expand Ratings From TV to Broadband Views Ad Age 2.21.13 Consumers don’t just watch TV on television sets, and now, Nielsen is preparing to measure TV-watching beyond the obvious boob-tube. The company has disclosed plans to start measuring consumer views of TV programs that are watched via a broadband connection in the home — a development sure to be praised by broadcast-TV networks that have taken it on the chin in the ratings department this season.

Fox Inks Partnership With YouTube’s WIGS Channel Ad Week 2.19.13 Fox on Tuesday announced it has entered into a multi-year pact with YouTube’s female-centric drama channel WIGS. One of the 100 or so original content channels launched by YouTube a year ago, WIGS offers broadcast-quality dramatic fare designed to appeal to female viewers. Last summer, the channel premiered a number of new series, including the 12-part Julia Stiles vehicle Blue and Neil LaBute’s Denise.

NewMediaMetrics’ Gary Reisman Wants to Fix Pilot Season Ad Week 2.19.13 Los Angeles is in the very thick of pilot season, the annual ritual where extravagance lays down with myopia and the networks wake up $500 million the worse for wear. Thus far in the process, broadcasters have placed their bets on 98 scripted projects for the 2013-14 campaign, of which roughly 70 percent will never see the light of day. Of those that actually land on the prime-time schedules, a handful will be picked up for a second season.


Connected TV Devices Have Big Future, More Than A Gimmick, Forrester Report Says Media Post Publications 2.19.13 Forrester Research has just released its “2013 Mobile Trends for Marketers,” a smart report about the mushrooming mobile business that predicts $4.6 billion in mobile ad revenue in 2013, an increase (in the customary Web-incredible way) of  52%,  and retail revenues of $12 billion, up 62%.

Facebook Influences Your Mood More Than Any Social Network Mashable 2.19.13 With the amount of time people spend on Facebook, it’s bound to have an impact. The social network permeates nearly every aspect of our lives: making us less lonely, more envious or affecting our memory. A new study shows you’re not the only one Facebook’s taking on an emotional roller coaster. The survey says the site causes the most stress but also elicits the most positive effect on mood compared to other social networks. 

AT&T, IBM and Other Brands Move Into Connected City at Mobile World Congress brandchannel 2.18.13 Across the globe, people everywhere are pulling out their cell phones and tablets and e-readers—in buses and trains, in hallways and doorways, on beaches and ski lifts, in bedrooms and in bathrooms. Everywhere, the world is turning to look at mobile devices. Those devices may be getting all the attention out in the world, but the mobile world is much deeper than that, of course, and will have many ramifications for how the world lives.


H&M Launches Garment Recycling Program Across All Markets brandchannel 2.21.13 The second-largest clothing retailer in the world will accommodate the program in all of its 269 U.S. locations as well as all 48 of its global markets. Beginning today, customers can bring any garment from any brand in any condition into an H&M store. For every bag of clothes donated, customers will receive a 15 percent off voucher for their next item purchased.

Planning A New York City That Can Withstand Climate Change Fast Company 2.21.13 Five months ago, WXY Architecture + Urban Design’s plan to transform a four-mile-stretch of the East River into public parkland was a commendable story about the city’s changing public park systems. Today, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, their East River Blueway is a critical project, a model for how New York will plan for a future wracked by mega-storms and rising tides.

Brands Need Social Sustainability to be Truly Sustainable Triple Pundit 2.19.13 A 2012 Sustainable Brands survey found that the “corporate citizenship reputation” perception of the largest 100 global brands/firms declined even when the analytics and technical evaluation of their sustainability programs showed real increased performance over the previous year. The survey was produced by CRD Analytics, an ESG research firm, and Brandlogic, a global branding firm.


Join Ogilvy & Mather for Social Media Week!

As part of Social Media Week, Ogilvy & Mather will be hosting a variety of exciting events, including a talk by David Karp, Founder of Tumblr and a live session with Google+ and Caterpillar. Be sure to keep tabs on the action using Twitter hashtags  #SMWOgilvy and #SMW13.

Today’s events (February 20th) include:

Conversation with David Karp, Founder of Tumblr: Brands Connecting Inside the Index of Passions: 

10:30 AM – 11:30 AM, Ogilvy & Mather Theater

Join us for a candid conversation with David Karp who has created one of the fastest growing communities of people sharing what they care about most.

The Rise of the New Community Manager: A Discussion with Ford and O&M on the New Brand Role:

12 PM – 1 PM, Ogilvy & Mather Theater

As more and more brands commit to Facebook, Twitter, and other social communities, the stakes of managing millions of fan relationships is rising. Increasingly the job of the community manager is evolving to a more complex and even senior role. Hear from those in the trenches and those shaping how brands are managing fans and customer relationships.

The Live Google+ Jam with Caterpillar: How to exploit Google+ to its Fullest:

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM, Ogilvy & Mather Theater

We’ll be working through a LIVE session with Google+, Caterpillar and Social@Ogilvy to create the prototypical, full-out program for the world’s leading B2B brand – Caterpillar.

The Future of Social Customer Care:

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM, Ogilvy & Mather Theater

Participate in a LIVE demonstration with Social@Ogilvy showcasing the next model of engaging social customers with meaningful dialogue, structure and cross-platform integration.

Marketing Without Words

Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Location: Stollway Event Space, 250 West 39th Street, NYC

Industry thought leaders from social’s most successful brands and agencies will come together to discuss the future of social media and how they’re leveraging Pinterest and Instagram to grow their audience, form stronger relationships with consumers, and drive serious revenue.


On Thursday, February 21st, get ready for… 

The Gif That Keeps on Giving

Time: 12:30pm – 2:00pm

Location: Helen Mills Theater, 137-139 W 26th Street NYC

The animated Gif has enjoyed a renaissance in the age of Social Media. Emphasizing simple wit rather than flashy technology, animated GIFs have also become increasingly popular with advertisers. Our presenters will look at brands’ and agencies’ use of animated gif advertising and ask what’s next for this resilient medium.

Masterclass Community Management 3.0 – The Evolution the Most Dynamic Role in Marketing

Time:  2:00 – 3:15pm

Location: SMW Global HQ – 125 West 18th Street

Calling all community managers! This interactive class, led by two of Social@Ogilvy’s community management experts, will focus on the new job description, new and common challenges, industry leaders putting it to practice, real-life scenarios for discussion and more to prepare you to take your brand to the next level.

The British Pub Quiz Hosted by Chingwag

Time: 6:00 -7:30pm, Ogilvy & Mather Theater

Updated especially for SMWNYC, this quiz, hosted by Chinwag, is a chance to pit your social media wits against the crowd with a few British-themed brainteasers to win the title of social media brainbox. It’s a networking event, a workshop, a seminar and a bit of fun all-rolled into one.


And lastly, join us on Friday, February 22nd for:

Contextual Awareness – What Is The Future of Social Intelligence?

Time: 2:30 – 4:30 pm

Location: Business and Entrepreneurship Hub at Bloomberg – 731 Lexington Avenue

How can social data make you and your phone smarter? How do apps such as Google Now (& Google Glass) easily take disparate data sources and help enhance your life? How does all this information make your life more efficient? This panel will discuss what current solutions exist and what is to come for the future of social intelligence.


Industry News 2.19.13

OgilvyEntertainment Press Review is a collection of the latest client, branded entertainment, and industry news.

Read Making magic, using logic: the Ogilvy Branded Entertainment Assessment ModelTM. 


KLM Makes Travel More Social With Crowd-Sourced Map brandchannel 2.13.13 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is amping up its digital engagement with KLM Must See Map, a friend-sourced destination map that combines social and print. Users create a map for a destination and ask friends for travel tips via Facebook, Twitter and email. Facebook check-ins show which friends have already visited the destination, their tips on favorite places and their locations. You can add your own tips, then order a copy of the map in print and receive it for free.

 Seen Enough Beyonce, Yet? Expect More With Pepsi, HBO, Oprah, Doc and Tour brandchannel 2.11.13 Pepsi promoted new artists like Hunter Hayes as part of its presence on the Grammy Awards last night, but most of its music marketing budget remains devoted to one very established diva: Beyonce. Beyonce is demonstrating her personal-brand firepower these days like no time in recent years.

ABC, NBC and IFC Push Boundaries of In-Show Brand Integration brandchannel 2.08.13 The Middle, Smash and Portlandia offer three examples of the growing seamlessness between product/brand placement and the creative content of TV series. On ABC’s The Middle this week, the episode was practically an ode to two brands: iPad and Red Lobster. The youngest child in the Heck family, Brick, pines and pesters for an iPad until his parents, Frankie (played by Patricia Heaton) and Mike, finally relent and buy him a restored model on eBay. Until they do, a huge chunk of the script is devoted to Brick’s description of the wonders of the iPad.


Mobile Ads Trump TV To Promote Terrain SUV Media Post Publications 2.12.13 Can mobile video ads offer a viable alternative to TV and online video ads? Despite the immaturity of the medium, early signs of success are emerging. GMC, for instance, recently employed mobile app maker Tapjoy and its mobile videos solution to advertise its new Terrain SUV — and the results were promising.

Viacom and Zeebox Help Social TV Enhance Live Commercials AdAge 2.11.13 The cable giant Viacom and the social-TV company Zeebox have teamed up to help advertisers show viewers coordinated TV commercials and digital ads at the same time. Zeebox positions itself as an interactive “sidekick” to TV, something to use on a computer or mobile device while watching shows in the traditional manner. Taco Bell, AT&T and Kraft are the first brands to buy the new capability, called SpotSynch, and will run simultaneous TV commercials and Zeebox ads during MTV’s “Ridiculousness” and Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” starting this week. 

No Saturday Mail Means Marketers Must Adjust Media Post Publications 2.08.13 The possible ending of mail delivery on Saturdays will force direct marketers to make adjustments to already established plans, but the biggest question facing them right now is whether the plan will happen on its current timeline. Although the U.S. Postal Service announced it would no longer deliver mail on Saturdays beginning in August, there’s some question whether the quasi-governmental unit can make such a change without congressional approval. The longer a discussion takes on the matter, the tougher it will be for marketers to adapt.  


Participant, Doha Film Institute launch $100m film fund realscreen 2.13.13 Participant Media and the Doha Film Institute (DFI) are teaming up to launch a five-year, US$100 million revolving fund to finance a slate of 12-16 feature films. The partnership is one of a number of initiatives the two parties are uniting to undertake. In addition to the fund, Participant and DFI are exploring a joint venture to create content for Participant’s TV channel, which is launching in August; and exploring the establishment of a distribution outlet for DFI’s film production through Participant’s media interests in the U.S. and other territories.

Netflix and DreamWorks Working on an Original Kids’ Series Mashable 2.12.13 The competition among Netflix, Hulu and Amazon over exclusive content continues to evolve on a daily basis. On Monday, Amazon claimed exclusive rights to CBS’s upcoming Stephen King series Under The Dome. Now, Netflix has fired back with plans to create an original kids’ series with DreamWorks Animation.

Hearst’s Esquire Expanding Beyond the Magazine to Become a TV Network brandchannel 2.11.13 The Esquire Network says it’s ready for prime time. The new network, announced today, aims to “capture the essence of the magazine,” David Carey, president of Esquire publisher Hearst Magazines, told The New York Times. “This is not the magazine on TV; that would not work.” 


‘Always addressable’ customers to transform marketing BtoB Online 2.12.13 Half of all U.S. adults will access the Internet multiple times per day from multiple devices and locations by the end of this year, providing a competitive advantage to companies using advanced attribution tools, according to a report by Forrester Research.

This Coaster Can Charge Your Phone Mashable 2.12.13 Seeing that ominous red battery icon on your cellphone is a cause for concern, especially if you’re nowhere near an outlet. A new device removes all worries by letting you charge your phone on the go using the beverage of your choice. The Epiphany onE Puck uses a heat engine to power your phone. It’s shaped — and acts — like a coaster. You place a hot or cold beverage on the surface and let your drink do all the work. Check out the video, above, for more.

American Express Looks to Ignite Real Twitter Shopping Ad Week 2.11.13 Social commerce is typically Facebook’s and maybe Pinterest’s domain. But Twitter doesn’t usually factor into the conversation. American Express began to change that last year when it rolled out the ability for card members to connect their accounts and tweet hashtags to receive merchant offers. Now, less than two weeks after Facebook and Discover partnered on the offline Facebook Card, American Express is taking Twitter a step further.


How SAP Makes the Business Case for Sustainability Triple Pundit 2.15.13 MIT’s recent study, The Innovation Bottom Line, makes a compelling business case for sustainability. In sum the message of the study is more companies view sustainability as a core business driver–and the results include a culture of innovation and improved brand reputation. The study has some methodological flaws, but overall provides more ammunition to the case that heightened focus on social and environmental issues matters to business.

Corporate Eco Impact Grows Even as Sustainability Efforts Widen Bloomberg 2.14.13 While corporations worldwide are adopting environmentally sustainable practices, unfortunately, their impacts on ecosystems continue to increase.That’s according to a new study detailed in a report, State of Green Business, released Feb. 12 and published by GreenBiz Group Inc. of Oakland, Calif.

Matt Damon Goes on Strike – a Toilet Strike – for World Water Day brandchannel 2.14.13 Matt Damon, looking for a way to “persuade people to give a shit about toilets,” staged a press conference in anticipation of World Water Day, March 22. The actor’s latest move pushes the continuing efforts of his non-profit,, which educates people about the lack of basic sanitation and clean water for 2.5 billion people around the world.