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David Beckham Strips Down to His Skivvies in Guy Ritchie Film for H&M AdAge 2.06.13 If you like your beefcake to be able to run and swim — and do it all wearing the skimpiest pair of H&M underwear we’ve ever seen, you’ll love this energetic film for the clothing brand starring David Beckham in hot pursuit of a bathrobe, directed by Guy Ritchie.

Director Michael Haussman’s The Unsinkable Henry Morgan Screened At Festival, Then Premiered on Sundance Channel Shoot Online 2.01.13  Though it wasn’t part of the recently concluded Sundance Film Festival’s official program, the documentary The Unsinkable Henry Morgan made a major splash at the event. A special screening of the film–created by the Captain Morgan brand (owned by Diageo) in tandem with the Sundance Channel, director Michael Haussman of HSI, and NY ad agency Anomaly–was held at the Filmmaker Lodge in Park City during the Sundance Fest and two days later (1/20) premiered nationally on the Sundance Channel.

Ron Howard to create branded entertainment productions Product Placement Biz 1.29.13 Ron Howard, the award-winning film director, has expressed interest in orchestrating branded entertainment productions. In fact, the popular duo of Howard and topnotch producer Brian Glazer could be bringing their talents to the world of marketing. In an interview with Fortune magazine, the 58-year-old Howard expressed eagerness to bring his craft and creativity to the platform of branded storytelling. He cited Jay-Z as one of his inspirations in the platform of branded entertainment. 


Google wins landmark advertising case in Australia Reuters 2.06.13 Google Inc won a landmark court case on Wednesday when Australia’s High Court ruled that it had not engaged in misleading behavior with its sponsored links and that it was not responsible for messages conveyed by paid advertisers. The ruling helps Internet providers and search engines argue that they are not publishers, but simply carriers of information provided by third parties.

Digital Ad Spend May Surpass Trad Media In Near Future Media Post Publications 2.05.13 A new survey of ad agencies indicates that digital media may eclipse traditional advertising in the near future, with nearly one-third of respondents expecting to spend more on digital than on traditional media within the next three years. That’s according to a survey conducted by ad transaction processor Strata, which polled nearly 100 ad shops in the fourth quarter.

Slam Dunk: Nimble and Playful at 100, Oreo Ties Dome Darkness Into Campaign brandchannel 2.04.13 The Oreo brand showed a digital nimbleness heretofore unseen during Sunday night’s Super Bowl game — the stuff marketers dream about. The Mondelez-owned Oreo had already aired its Super Bowl TV commercial, “Whisper Fight,” which promoted the “Cookie or Creme?” debate with a social marketing campaign: an Instagram link to continue the conversation, visually. The spot asks: Is the cream or the cookie that is the most delicious part of an Oreo?  

Super Bowl Ads On Mobile Don’t Encourage Brand Interaction Media Post Publications 2.04.13 The majority of consumers watching the Super Bowl would like to take action on their mobile devices, based on television commercials — but most didn’t, according to findings released Monday by the Mobile Marketing Association and Session M. In fact, 21% want to see more commercials inviting them to interact with the brand on a mobile device and be rewarded with incentives and content for their actions.


Time Warner Says Netflix Demand Fueling More Original TV on Cable AdAge 2.06.13 Time Warner plans to significantly increase original TV programming on TNT and TBS as streaming video services like Netflix start to pony up for shows like “Dallas,” the company said today. ”In the last few months, Turner and Warner Bros. together announced deals with both Amazon and Netflix, licensing serialized shows such as ‘Dallas’ and ‘Falling Skies,’ along with animated series from both Cartoon Network and Adult Swim,” said Time Warner Chief Financial and Administrative Officer John Martin on a conference call discussing the company’s most recent financial results.

Don’t like television? Then you’re not going to like the future of Twitter very much Gigaom 2.05.13 According to a number of anonymous reports, Twitter is in the process of buying Bluefin Labs, an analytics company that specializes in broadcast media — an acquisition that would be its largest ever. Although the news hasn’t been confirmed by either party, a Bluefin deal fits the trajectory that Twitter has been on for some time now: namely, a focus on television as a key partner for the real-time information network. But will this choice divert Twitter from a much larger opportunity and/or drive away users? (Update: Twitter has confirmed the acquisition)

‘Iron Man 3’ Grabs Moviegoer Interest With Cliffhanger Super Bowl Ad Media Post Publications 2.05.13 After all of the heartfelt brand affinity and predictable cleverness that is Super Bowl advertising, it still boils down to selling the goods. In the case of movie studios, the big games are an opportunity to whet audience appetite for releases that are sometimes months away and get butts into seats.


Liberty Global to Acquire Virgin Media, Creating World’s Leading Broadband Firm brandchannel 2.06.13 In a deal that looks to dramatically change the complexion of the media business, U.S.-based Liberty Global will buy the U.K.’s Virgin Media to create a broadband company that will supplant Comcast as the world’s biggest cable operator.

Facebook Fatigue Sets In: Less Usage Predicted In 2013 Media Post Publications 2.06.13 A new survey suggests Facebook fatigue may be setting in for some, especially among the younger users for whom it was initially created nearly a decade ago on the Harvard campus. More than a quarter (27%) of Facebook users plan to spend less time on the site this year, with 38% of those ages 18-29 planning to cut back, according to a new study by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

Google Spends $125 Million On Channel Intelligence To Improve Google Shopping Business Insider 02.06.13 According to its blog, Channel Intelligence (CI) tracks online retail sales for a number of categories ranging from computing to consumer packaged goods. We’re unfamiliar with Channel Intelligence, but we assume it will be a part of Google’s efforts to ramp up shopping. On its site, CI talks about working with Google shopping and boosting traffic for retailers. 


Greenpeace Challenges Fashion Industry to Become Environmental Leaders brandchannel 2.07.13 As many high-end brands show off their latest designs at New York Fashion Week, Greenpeace has a big message for the fashion world at large: It’s time to clean up your act. The latest from Greenpeace’s global Detox campaign is its “Fashion Duel,” with Italian actress Valeria Golino leading the charge for the industry to make environmental stewardship a priority in their operations.

Half Of Unilever’s Global Factories Now Zero-Waste Earth Techling 2.05.13 The British/Dutch conglomerate Unilever may have a reputation for creating enormous amounts of packaged food and personal grooming products that the world doesn’t really need. But the company is at least doing its best to create these unnecessary items in the most sustainable way it can. In late January, Unilever announced that just over half of its 258 factories around the globe are now zero-waste facilities, meaning they send no waste products to landfills.

H&M Joins With WWF to Improve Stewardship of Global Water Supply brandchannel 2.01.13 Swedish multinational retailer H&M has joined forces for a three-year global collaboration with the World Wildlife Federation, adding French actress/singer Vanessa Paradis to be the spring face of H&M’s Conscious Collection. Paradis sports fashions made from Conscious materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel.

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