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Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd to Pitch Big Ideas in Samsung’s Super Bowl Ad AdWeek 1.31.13 Samsung has some fun with the NFL’s strict trademark rules around the Super Bowl (see Adweek’s own banner above for evidence of that) in the 60-second spot below starring Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and Breaking Bad‘s Bob Odenkirk—a teaser for the company’s two-minute in-game commercial. The finished ad, created by 72andSunny and directed by Jon Favreau, will air during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s broadcast.

Targeting the Web: Wry Fashion Show, Exclusives Boost Target’s Online Push brandchannel 1.29.13 Target is taking “online only” to a new level. Last week, the retail giant hosted the Target Everyday Show, an interactive event on Twitter leveraging its tongue-in-chic “Everyday Collection” TV campaign by creating a virtual runway show that drew on people’s tweets about everyday products submitted via hashtag. Calling the event its Tweet-to-Runway Show, Target chose its favorite tweets by fans to be featured on its YouTube channel and on a microsite,

Qualcomm Expanding 3D AR Technology For Brands Media Post Publications 1.25.13 Qualcomm is working to develop augmented reality for more complex 3D objects via affordable phones. The goal is to provide brands with a new revenue stream from virtual items that connect with the physical world. Jay Wright, head of Qualcomm’s Vuforia augmented reality program, describes one example to Online Media Daily as virtual furniture for a physical dollhouse that kids can see through the eye of the camera on a smartphone or tablet.


Budweiser’s First Tweet Asks Fans to Name Baby Clydesdale, Star of Its Super Bowl Ad AdWeek 1.28.13 Babies are always big at the Super Bowl. This year, Budweiser might have the cutest one. A new baby Clydesdale, born Jan. 16, will star in the Anheuser-Busch brand’s traditional 60-second Clydesdales spot on this Sunday’s game. To build anticipation, Bud last night sent out its first-ever tweet, asking fans to name the foal using the hashtag #Clydesdales.

Advertisers Link With Oscar Site, ABC App Media Post Publications 1.25.13 The Oscars may be a month away, but advertisers are starting to digitally link with ABC’s coverage. A pair of advertisers — University of Phoenix and Hyundai — have top-line roles on and a related ABC app. The University of Phoenix is the presenting sponsor of a “My Picks” section on both properties, while Hyundai has the position for the “Nominees” area. Both are also running video spots online and on the app, which are sold by ABC.

Super Bowl: 39% Prefer Ads Over Game Media Post Publications 1.25.13 Thirty-nine percent of American adults say that the ads are their favorite part of the Super Bowl, versus 28% who favor the game itself, according to a survey by market research company Lab42. The online survey was conducted among 500 adults (50/50 male/female split).


TV Still Tops, But Multiscreen Viewing Commonplace Media Post Publications 1.28.13 A majority of U.S. consumers — 60% — still want to watch their shows on TV, but these same consumers also want their smartphones and tablets by their side. Drilling down to other data, KPMG International said in a new report that in the U.S., 42% of consumers say they watch TV and access the Internet via a laptop or PC, while 17% watch TV and access the Web via a smartphone. The study also found that 22% watch TV and use a social networking site at the same time.

Theater Gives Free Seats to Viewers Who Tweet Performances Mashable 1.28.13 While seat-kicking and talking in a theater will likely incite the ire of fellow seatmates, using your smartphone may soon lose its taboo status. The Providence Performing Arts Center in Providence, R.I. has designated a section of its theater for “tweet seats” since last spring. Located in the back two rows to avoid distracting patrons, the seats are free for those who promise to live-tweet a performance, marketing-project coordinator Caitlyn DiPompo told Mashable.

Web Series Gain Traction Among Viewers The Content Strategist 1.25.13 13 may be the year of the web series second season. What do you think? Liz Shannon Miller of Paid Content says that in past years, many web series haven’t make it past one season, either due to low budgets or bigger opportunities. But this year, four online shows, ”Burning Love,” ”Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee,” ”Squaresville,” and ”Video Game High School” will be returning for a second shot.


This Entire City Of Inanimate Objects Can Now Talk To You Via Text Fast Company 1.31.13 In one of Simon and Garfunkel’s most popular songs, the singers famously stop and chat with a lamppost: “Hello lamppost, / What cha knowing? / I’ve coming to watch your flowers growing. / Ain’t cha got no rhymes for me?” The lamppost does not. But had the duo been passing through Bristol, England, in 2013 (and not New York City in 1966, where the song took its inspiration), they might have gotten at least a response from a lamppost, or even a postbox or a bus stop.

IBM Announces New Software, Cloud Services for Social Business eWeek 1.28.13 IBM has announced new software and cloud-based services to help business leaders, such as chief marketing officers and chief human resource officers, further transform their organizations into social businesses. The new offerings, announced Jan. 28 at IBM Connect 2013, will help business leaders integrate IBM’s social networking and analytics technologies into their business processes to empower what IBM refers to as the 21st century workforce and transform client experiences.

Twitter’s Vine Shows That 6-Second Video Is Not ‘The New 140 Characters’ Media Post Publications 1.25.13 You can’t blame Twitter for expanding its service to embrace more image editing and video services. After all, after the blockbuster success of 140 characters, you need a second act. And a host of other startups have been leveraging the Twitter hashtag and cross-posting to the micro-blog in order to get their own scale. And so shortly after adding Instagram-like image editing and sharing services to its apps, Twitter released the Vine app yesterday.


The World’s Best Sustainability Ideas Forbes 1.30.13 Katerva, a four-year-old nonprofit set up to recognize and support stand-out sustainability efforts around the world, has just announced its second annual awards in a competition it bills as the Nobel Prize in the broad and somewhat amorphous field of sustainability. Among the eclectic choices: a computer game that solves scientific problems, a nonprofit co-founded by actor Matt Damon that leverages donor funds to provide microloans to clean water projects and a venture by Japanese technology giant Mitsubishi that makes ships move more efficiently through the ocean, cutting down on CO2 emissions.

Unilever launches second phase of sustainability scheme Marketing Week 1.30.13 The Bathroom Challenge asks 12 UK households to find ways to reduce water and energy use and minimise bathroom waste while doing every day activities such as brushing teeth, washing hands and showering. Participants will trial bathroom and laundry-related tools and be encouraged to adopt different behaviours to see which are more popular and effective. Unilever will then look at how to use the insights in its behaviour change marketing and product development.

Walmart launches online destination profiling green innovations, pioneers Chain Store Age 1.28.13 Mother Nature Network and Walmart are teaming up to launch an online destination that profiles the biggest innovations in sustainability – and the pioneers who are creating them. “There are an incredible number of new ideas, programs, products, and services being created, which will have a very positive impact on sustainability,” said Joel Babbit, CEO of Mother Nature Network. “And most interestingly – they aren’t all from large corporations. Many are developed by very small companies, schools, non-profit organizations – some even by single individuals.”

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