The Blue Ribbon Challenge – Hellmann’s 100th Birthday and The Taste

Hellmann’s is celebrating their 100th Birthday in 2013 and there are a lot of exciting things planned for the brand’s centennial. To kick off the celebration, Hellmann’s has partnered with ABC’s first primetime cooking competition, The Taste. The premise of the television show is very similar to that of The Voice, only for food! Professional chef mentors Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Brian Malarkey and Ludo Lefebvre select their teams based off of a blind taste test of the contestant’s cooking. The remaining episodes then feature the mentors helping the contestants sharpen their skills through multiple team and individual challenges. When it comes time to send people packing, it all depends on blind tasting just one bite, and the judges risk voting off one of their own team members.

As part of the Hellmann’s integration, The Taste worked with ABC to create an exciting way to engage with the at-home audience, enabling viewers to interact with and be featured on The Taste. Fans and foodies alike can share their favorite Hellmann’s recipes on the show’s digital and social platforms and five of the best entries get to appear in a special segment to cook their recipe alongside one of the chef mentors. The winners’ vignettes of the “Blue Ribbon Challenge” will air in showtime during the last 5 episodes, and will all highlight what Hellmann’s does to bring out the best in their dishes.

The Taste has gotten off to an extremely strong start with very high ratings.  Make sure to tune-in to watch the show unfold, and don’t forget to enter your own Blue Ribbon Recipe…there is only a short time left before Hellmann’s selects the winners to appear on the show!

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