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Industry News 05.13.13

OgilvyEntertainment Press Review is a collection of the latest client, branded entertainment, and industry news.

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May 13th, 2013



Coca-Cola Experiments with Isolation and Friendship in China brandchannel 05.08.13 Isolation and loneliness may seem like an odd foundation for a Coca-Cola campaign, but in China, the brand is aiming to bring the smile associated with Coke to a generation afflicted with such attributes as they try to find their way in suddenly booming metropolises. Coca-Cola’s “Friendship Experiment” aims to capture moments of “happiness creation” by inviting “complete strangers to come together and share a moment of connection.” It’s an effort by Chinese photographer Kurt Tang to combat what he saw as the “dispiriting sense of isolation and loneliness” found today in China’s cities.

GE’s Wonderground Game is Latest Collaboration with BuzzFeed brandchannel 05.07.13 In its latest collaboration with BuzzFeed, GE’s Wonderground allows users to explore five US cities via virtual tours, offering up bites of interesting trivia along the way. The multi-platform game avaialble via iOS or online makes use of the media site’s photo content pages in order to immerse users in an eye-opening look through science, design and industrial technology. 

Solving Huge Problems, One Atom at a Time Fast Company 05.04.13 By the time midnight rolled around this past Wednesday, a demonstration by IBM scientists on the subject of atomic-scale magnetic memory had been viewed more than 1 million times–in less than 24 hours; a day later, more than 2 million. Of course, this demonstration took a novel form: it was released to the world as The World’s Smallest Movie (and was so certified by the Guinness Book of World Records). A stop-motion movie telling a simple story, it was made by moving atoms, magnified 100 million times by a scanning tunneling microscope, at -267 degrees C.



Child-Abuse Ad Uses Lenticular Printing to Send Kids a Secret Message That Adults Can’t See AdWeek 05.06.13 The ANAR Foundation, a Spanish child-advocacy organization, used lenticular printing in this powerful outdoor ad to send different messages to children and adults. Anyone under about 4-foot-3 sees bruising on the child’s face in the poster, along with ANAR’s hotline number and copy that reads, “If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you.” People taller than that—i.e., most parents—simply see the child without the bruise and the line, “Sometimes child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.”

Time Inc. and Sprint Team Up to Conquer Mobile Ads AdWeek 05.05.13 Mobile advertising has lagged consumer behavior, but now Time Inc. and Sprint have struck a wide-ranging deal to crack the burgeoning market. The deal lets the No. 1 U.S. magazine publisher tap into the carrier’s 56-million user base through Sprint’s personalized ad-targeting service, Pinsight Media+. Advertisers will have access to Sprint’s mobile portal, ad networks like Jumptap and third-party publishers like AccuWeather.

Brands Embrace Mobile Social Advertising Online Media Daily 05.03.13 First-quarter earnings reports from companies including Facebook, LinkedIn and Yelp this week highlighted the growing role that mobile plays in social networking and other online companies as their users are increasingly accessing their services from devices rather than the desktop.



Zynga Makes Inifinite Runner Games Social With “Running With Friends” Mashable 05.09.13 Chances are by now, you’ve probably heard of Temple Run. The infinite runner-style game has you run through a virtual world level-free, trying to last as long as you possibly can without dying. Highly popular, the original version of the game is currently the 9th most downloaded iOS app of all time, and has spawned an exceptionally popular sequel, as well as several Disney-themed versions.

‘Vogue,’ ‘Wired’ to Launch Online TV Channels This Month Mashable 05.03.13 Conde Nast Entertainment is ramping up its digital video network, launching channels for Vogue and Wired later this month. New weekly shows, including the network’s first scripted series, are also being added to the channels Glamour and GQ debuted in March. The announcements were made at Conde Nast Entertainment’s Newfront presentation Wednesday.

Hulu Adds New Original Shows Mashable 05.02.13 Hulu’s premium video service, Hulu Plus, has doubled its user base in the past 12 months, surpassing 4 million paying subscribers since launching in 2010. Those subscribers, who pay $7.99 each month for Hulu Plus, and non-paying Hulu users will see 11 series and season premieres arrive on Hulu this summer and fall.



Huggies App Sends You a Tweet Whenever Your Kid Pees in His Diaper AdWeek 05.08.13 Today in useless marketing-driven product innovations, we have Huggies TweetPee, a little sensor dreamed up by Ogilvy Brazil that affixes to your baby’s diaper, syncs with an app and tweets at you whenever it detects pee (in the form of a higher humidity level). This will work great for people whose parenting consists of the occasional diaper change in between marathon Twitter sessions.

Regal to let deaf moviegoers see what they’ve been missing LA Times 05.07.13 Raymond Smith Jr. has been trying for nearly two decades to make the movie industry listen to the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing. This month, the senior executive at Regal Entertainment Group will come closer to his goal.

YouTube Leaves TV in the Dust with Strong NewFronts Display brandchannel 05.02.13 In front of a room-full of potential advertisers at the Digital NewFronts, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt declared “the future is now” for YouTube, which recently passed 1 billion unique visitors monthly. While many would have expected Schmidt to purport that YouTube’s content is as good as what’s on TV, he made a simple and very clear statement instead: YouTube content is better than TV.



How The Empire State Building is Redifining Sustainability and Supporting the Economy in New York City National Geographic 05.08.13 There are more than 900,000 buildings in New York City alone. These structures, both historic and contemporary, literally define a city like New York. Landmarks like the Empire State Building draw in thousands of people every day for work and tourism. Yet these structures also place a high demand on our environment and national resources. Across the United States, the operations of existing buildings account for more than 36 percent of total energy use and over 65 percent of electricity consumption. In major cities, such as New York City, commercial and residential buildings consume 75 percent of total energy use.

Ford Sees Future in Self-Driving, but Mass Transit May Be Key brandchannel 05.03.13 Bill Ford Jr. long has been the environmental visionary for Ford Motor Co. and, arguably, one of the “greenest” minds in the global auto business. So it’s no surprise that he has emerged as a leading figure in the rising interest in self-driving automobiles and in the debate over what role they might have in the urban-transportation networks of the future.

Clorox’s Green Works Finds New Voice and Attitude to Combat Greenwashing brandchannel 05.02.13 As Kermit the Frog taught an entire generation, “It’s not easy being green.” Clorox’s Green Works is a case study in the steep learning curve of green branding. The line of environmentally friendly housecleaning products launched in 2008 with an endorsement from the Sierra Club, which helped boost its market penetration and credibility. 



OgilvyEntertainment: “Every brand has a story to tell”

In advance of the TV:Xperience event taking place in New York on July 15th-17th, Doug spoke with IP&TV News about the importance of branded entertainment to enable multi-platform immersive engagement.

Doug will be presenting on the importance of brand narrative at the July conference. For more information and to register, please visit

Are second-screen experiences enhancing linear viewing, or detracting from it?

Second-screen experiences are transforming viewing behaviour from linear to that which allows for more meaningful, multi-dimensional and immersive engagement.

Second-screen technology continues to evolve and open new doors for the creation of deep narratives that have the power to mix with and enhance the everyday life of the viewer (or participant).

It’s an exciting time for marketers as we face the challenge of connecting with consumers in their most receptive state while leveraging content across paid, earned and owned channels.

Ultimately, I believe mobile is actually the first screen, not the second screen, because it is truly about me; and it’s my constant personalised source for connectivity and the consumption of content.

Do you agree that the integration of adverts into second-screen experiences needs to become more nuanced?

I believe that every brand has a story to tell. Beyond adverts, brands should consider how they can activate their story in the form of content that they can own, not rent, within the second-screen realm.

There is tremendous potential for brands to flourish in a transmedia world and deliver value and utility through branded entertainment.

At OgilvyEntertainment, our focus is to understand a brand’s best self aligned with cultural truths and we set out to create integrated and impactful brand experiences activated across web, broadcast, properties and events.

This is the way forward for brands as we strive to deliver real value to consumers that is immersive not interruptive.
What work is OgilvyEntertainment doing to create more compelling narrative experiences in this area?

Our work for DuPont continues to be our model for branded content excellence. Through The Horizons Project and other DuPont initiatives, we have built a content ecosystem reinforcing DuPont’s position as a critical global partner and scientific thought leader.

We promote the brand concept of inclusive innovation through broadcast (Horizons, a television series on BBC World News now in its third season, and Shunya: The Goal is Zero series currently in development with India’s Times Now network); a series of short documentaries manifesting DuPont collaborations in action that air on television and online; thought leadership events, films and white papers (rooted in a partnership with Fortune magazine and the 2013 Fortune Global Forum), and a comprehensive digital strategy.

Through this integrated approach, we have fostered a compelling and ongoing narrative about the future of our world, centering DuPont at the core.

What are some of the most effective ‘triggers’ for encouraging consumer engagement?

Nowadays, consumers can access content when, where and how they want, and this is transforming the present “brandscape”.

With this shift in consumer behaviour, I also believe that we are seeing the rise of micro content accessible to consumers at a nominal cost.

To trigger effective engagement given this state of play, marketers need to adapt to a new set of rules and deliver on-demand, real-time, contextualised experiences that encourage a lean-in rather than lean-back experience.

I believe this can be best achieved through cross-channel branded entertainment.


This article originally appeared on IP&TV News. You can view it here.


Industry News 05.05.13

OgilvyEntertainment Press Review is a collection of the latest client, branded entertainment, and industry news.

Read Making magic, using logic: the Ogilvy Branded Entertainment Assessment ModelTM.

May 6th, 2013



Budweiser Creates Social Beer Cup Digiday 05.01.13 Looks like Heineken’s “smart” beer bottle has some competition when it comes to interactive beer bottle designs. Budweiser Brasil is making drinking even more social with its new “Buddy Cup.” With the help of Agencia Africa in partnership with Bolha, a digital innovation studio in Sao Paulo, the beer brand has created a special beer cup that instantly makes people Facebook friends when they clink their glasses in real life. The cups have special chips in them that connect to Facebook.

IBM’s Research Team Breaks Film Record with Millions of Atoms brandchannel 05.01.13 IBM’s A Boy And His Atom now holds the Guinness World Record for the World’s Smallest Stop-Motion Film. The film is a byproduct of IBM’s acumen in moving atoms, key to research in the fields of atomic memory and data storage at the core of their broad suite of products and services. The story is about a boy—who is 1/25,000,000 of an inch big—and his friendship with a wayward atom. 

Brands Find Inspiration and New Partnerships in Creative Cinema brandchannel 04.29.13 Canon is giving the public a chance to direct in “Project Imaginat10n.” Helmed by Ron Howard and daughter Bryce Dallas Howard, filmmakers of all skill levels can join five celebrity directors—Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, Biz Stone, Georgina Chapman and James Murphy—in directing short films inspired by 91 Project Imaginat10n winning photographs.

Telemundo Teams w/T-Mobile & Toyota on Pasion Prohibida Broadway World 04.29.13 Telemundo Media announced today two major branded entertainment agreements with T-Mobile and Toyota for its hit telenovela PASIÓN PROHIBIDA. Both partnerships continue to build on the creative legacy between the two marketers and Telemundo Media, who once again will break new ground to deliver their messaging through innovation around telenovelas by bringing the novela characters into the branded entertainment multiplatform campaigns. Both efforts were developed by Conill, the advertising and media agency partner for T-Mobile and Toyota.



Microsoft Ad Turns Forbes Print Magazines Into T-Mobile WiFi Hotspots AdWeek 4.30.13 Microsoft stuffed a functional WiFi router into a limited number of the most recent issue of Forbes, perhaps inspired by Entertainment Weekly’s use of tiny LCD screens in one of its print issues last year. Microsoft’s ad, which is for Office 365, is a T-Mobile wireless router that provides 15 days of free WiFi with a two- to three-hour battery charge. Wasteful? Sure. Needlessly expensive and complicated? Totally. But it’s also the coolest thing Microsoft has done in a while. Same goes for Forbes—well, along with giving NAH’s newest album a thumbs-up. Via PSFK.

Twitter ads now available for all U.S. users C Net 04.30.13 Twitter on Tuesday opened up advertising on its site to all businesses and individuals, giving the company another avenue for generating money. Twitter has allowed organizations to pay for promoted tweets and promoted accounts since last March, but it was on an invite-only basis. It now has given everyone access to its self-service advertising platform, Kevin Weil, Twitter senior director of product for revenue, said Tuesday at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York.

Cinema Advertising Gets Interactive, Mobile Digital Outsider 04.26.13 The two dominant cinema advertising networks in the U.S. are muscling up with new digital offerings, including mobile channels and lobby assets. Not coincidentally, all the excitement comes as they woo advertisers with upfront presentations touting the benefits of sight, sound and motion on the big screen, as well as their new digital channels.



Hot Doc ’13: Ondi Timoner talks art and entrepreneurship realscreen 04.29.13 Documentarians must completely re-think their roles as filmmakers, Dig! and We Live In Public director Ondi Timoner (pictured) argued during a keynote presentation at this year’s Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival in Toronto. “We need to think differently about making films before we start shooting and we should be distributing as we go,” the two-time Sundance-winner told a packed house on Monday morning (April 29). “You can reach one billion people but we need to find our audiences where they live, which is on their devices.”

Online Video Rivals TV For Viewers Media Post Publications 04.29.13 Casting the industry’s NewFront efforts in a brighter light, new research shows that consumer ad receptivity when watching original professional online video (OPOV) is now indistinguishable from receptivity rates during prime-time TV. Better yet, consumers cite the Web’s wide variety of programming and flexible screening times as preferable aspects of OPOV over TV viewing, according to a new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and research partner Gfk.

Online Experience Drives Tourney Participation At Delaware Sports Complex Media Post Blogs 04.26.13 Near the shores of Rehoboth Beach, Del., stands a premier destination for traveling youth baseball and softball teams. The 95-acre facility at Sports at the Beach features 16 fields, 30 batting cages and dormitory accommodations for visiting teams. From March to November, ball clubs from all over the East Coast descend upon its bluegrass-sod fields to participate in weekend and week-long tournaments.


ABC News Social Soundtracker Dubiously App-ifies The Laugh Track Media Post Blogs 04.29.13 I kid because I love. ABC News began experimenting this weekend with a new Web app called Social Soundtracker that registers and even verbalizes group response to a live broadcast. The event-based program launched with this weekend’s Washington Correspondents Dinner, but will be hosting social TV responses every morning on GMA as well as upcoming Presidential addresses.

Disruptions: Brain Computer Interfaces Inch Closer to Mainstream Bits New York Times Blog 04.28.13 Last week, engineers sniffing around the programming code for Google Glass found hidden examples of ways that people might interact with the wearable computers without having to say a word. Among them, a user could nod to turn the glasses on or off. A single wink might tell the glasses to take a picture.

Mobile Soars, But Future Appears Multiscreen Online Media Daily 04.26.13 It’s a mobile, social and visual media world and marketers better adapt or risk losing customers and sales. Of all the takeaways at Media Kitchen’s Digital Media Venture Capital Conference in New York Thursday, that one seemed paramount. Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget noted that for the first time in 30-plus years, the PC market is now shrinking. “That’s a profound change,” he told conference attendees. Mobile usage is soaring and “cannibalizing everybody,” referring to other media channels.



Vivienne Westwood to design new uniforms for Virgin Atlantic LA Times 05.02.13 Virgin Atlantic Airways has tapped fashion designer Vivienne Westwood to redesign its uniforms the airline announced Thursday. The partnership between the two British brands will result in newly designed — and eco-friendly — uniforms for about 7,500 employees, including pilots, cabin crew and ground crew.

CEOs Talk Sustainability at Fortune’s Brainstorm Green Conference brandchannel 05.01.13 Three heavyweights of American industrialism were among those who spoke at a Fortune’s Brainstorm Green conference, and they had a lot to say about what they’re doing to make their companies more sustainable. GM CEO Dan Akerson, Procter & Gamble CEO Bob McDonald, and General Mills CEO Kendall Powell each held forth at the sustainability-focused confab.

Nike’s LAUNCH Seeks Out Sustainability in Latest Call for Innovation brandchannel 04.26.13 As part of its “Better World” corporate citizenship commitment, Nike is working with some of America’s brightest governmental minds on an initiative to create more sustainable materials.  Founded in 2010, LAUNCH is a strategic collaboration between NASA, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the US State Department and Nike to seek out visionaries whose ideas and technologies can create a more sustainable world.

Ogilvy & Mather wins CLIO Agency Network of the Year

NEW YORK, NY, May 3, 2013 – Ogilvy & Mather will be recognized at the 54th Annual CLIO Awards for another year of outstanding work and creative achievements on behalf of its clients.

The CLIOs have also named O&M Agency Network of the Year for the second consecutive year, honoring the agency’s remarkable body of award-winning work throughout the network.  O&M notched 127 shortlists (out of a total of
896 named), which was a 112% increase over last year when the agency also received this honor.

CLIOs recognized exceptional, multi-award winning work from O&M offices spanning the globe, representing executions for clients big and small.  O&M performed in multiple categories including Film, OOH, Print Technique, Print, Direct, and Engagement. Our President, Doug Scott, was even honored with the role of a juror in the Branded Entertainment category.

“Building a culture of Pervasive Creativity requires great minds and great clients. We are fortunate to have both,” stated Tham Khai Meng, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather.

O&M is especially proud to receive this honor in a year when its client, The Coca-Cola Company, is receiving the inaugural CLIOs 2013 ‘Brand Icon’ Award that recognizes continuous and exceptional creative execution over the years.

This collection of accolades stands as testament to O&M’s worldwide network of clients and employees and the exceptional work they produce together.

Hurry! Get Your Tickets to STREAM’s Best in Class Case Study “Burning Love” Event! Early Bird Special Ends this Friday, May 3rd

Want to get that online TV show up and running? Now’s your chance! Introducing STREAM, the world’s first marketplace and conference for original online television. On June 3rd and 4th in Santa Monica, CA, the inaugural STREAM event will bring together the independent production community with the leading internet TV development executives, media agencies, and brands to mix, mingle and explore how to work together more effectively.

Doug Scott is proud to be a member of the STREAM Advisory Board which includes prominent leaders from AOL, FremantleMedia, Electus, Funny or Die, and more. The complete agenda includes some of the biggest names in Internet TV including Anna Robertson, Head of Yahoo! Studios; Morgan Spurlock, President of Warrior Poets; Frank Cooper, CMO Global Consumer Engagement of PepsiCo; and, of course, our main man Doug.

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