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Industry News 04.22.13

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April 22nd, 2013



Unilever launches first Magnum branded mobile game Marketing Week 04.16.13 The latest version of ice-cream brand’s gaming series launches today (16 April) to promote its limited edition ‘Five Kisses’ range inspired by the French patisserie. Players control brand ambassador Pleasure Seeker Princess as they navigate their way through five levels to rescue the Prince who has been kidnapped by the Bad Girls. It features an in-game Twitter service for sourcing tips as well as incorporating makeup brand Make Up Forever through branded collectibles.

Dodge Partners with Syfy Series to Reel In Distracted Millennials brandchannel 04.15.13 Syfy and Dodge are taking TV and gaming to new bandwidth with an exclusive dual-screen brand partnership. The branded entertainment will tie together Syfy’s new series Defiance and Dodge’s auto lineup. Dodge’s Charger and Dart are featured in the television show debuting April 15 while the Dodge Challenger stars in the online video game which launched April 2 on PS3, Xbox and PCs.

HTC Tries Branded Entertainment to Promote ‘Facebook Phone’ brandchannel 04.12.13 Ahead of its April 19 release date, the HTC One is making its debut Friday in a series of branded entertainment videos for the “Facebook Phone,” which features the fully-integrated Facebook Home app for a social experience like no other. Seizing the growing value of branded entertainment, Turner Broadcasting and Funny Or Die have partnered with HTC on a short-form comedy sketch featuring James Van Der Beek (Dawson’s Creek and Varsity Blues fame) to promote the HTC One across TBS, Adult Swim and truTV as well as Conan O’Brien’s beginning the week of April 15.



How Google Creative Lab Links Product to Stellar Storytelling AdAge 04.18.13 How does Google manage to do some of the most creative advertising around? Robert Wong, chief creative officer at Google Creative Lab, the internal agency responsible for most of Google’s product marketing, told attendees at the Advertising Age Digital Conference Wednesday that it’s a combination of understanding the company’s own culture and story, and then demonstrating the product in the most empathetic way possible.

Dove Hires Criminal Sketch Artist to Draw Women as They See Themselves and as Others See Them AdWeek 04.16.13 Gil Zamora is an FBI-trained forensics artist with over 3,000 criminal sketches under his belt. Dove and Ogilvy Toronto hired him to interview and draw seven different women—two sketches of each. The first sketch was based on each woman’s personal description of herself. The second was based on a description provided by a stranger the woman had just met. Of course, the differences are vast. Watching these women come face to face with the version of themselves in their mind and the version everyone else sees is extraordinary.

Smart TVs, Smart Advertisers Marketing Daily 04.16.13 At consumer electronics events globally, much attention is being paid to the launch of “Ultra HD” televisions. Yet the real news for advertisers is coming from introductions of smart TVs, like Samsung’s “Smart Hub,” that not only allow apps to be used when watching television, but provide improved gesture and voice interactivity — you can point with your finger or use your voice to search for content or change channels. 

Gangnam Style marketing Marketing Week 04.11.13 Whether it is the Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style, Fenton the dog or Success Kid, internet memes by their nature have captured the imagination of audiences worldwide. As fast-growing and eminently shareable sources of entertainment, brands have seen the advantage of capitalising on these ready-made cultural phenomena.



Bourdain on setting “Reservations” aside for “Parts Unknown” realscreen 04.17.13 When realscreen rang up Anthony Bourdain in New York City, the grizzled chef-turned-TV personality was due to jet to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to tape an episode of his CNN travel series, Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown. Shooting in the war-ravaged Central African nation would have been a logistically difficult feat for No Reservations, the globetrotting food series he hosted on Travel Channel for eight seasons. CNN, on the other hand, specializes in the unstable.

IE Powers ‘Hunger Games’ Online Exploration Marketing Daily 04.15.13 Movie sequels are intended to be bigger, better and more engaging than their predecessors. And so are their marketing campaigns. For the launch of its November release, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” (a sequel to last year’s “The Hunger Games”), Lionsgate entertainment has teamed once again with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to set up an online destination for fans to find out not only about the movie, but also what other people are saying about it.  

Netflix ‘Most Watched’ Cable Network In Viewing Time Per Day Media Daily News 04.11.13 By one measure, Netflix could equate to being the biggest U.S. cable TV network — in terms of viewing time per day, per its subscriber universe. Following up on his July 2012 estimate, Richard Greenfield, media analyst for BTIG Research, says the subscription video-on-demand service in the first quarter of this year has streamed some 87 minutes of video per subscriber per day. This is up from 79 minutes of streaming video per subscriber per day in June of 2012.



Video Most Popular Medium For Mobile Phone Brand Information Online Media Daily 04.16.13 Digital ads and search engines influence consumer buying habits, but videos appear to offer the most support for consumers researching to buy a mobile phone. Some 79% of shoppers who saw an online video ad looked up the cell phone advertiser for more information. The Wireless Shopper Study from Google and Compete analyzes wireless consumer online shopping habits and activities to understand buying and search patterns.

Digital Content Creators Gear Up for Newfronts brandchannel 04.12.13 When this year’s Digital Content Newfronts start on April 29th in New York City, 18 distributors will be attending, a 200 percent increase over last year, along with scores of advertisers looking to online as a cost-effective content cornucopia. The first DCNFs last year featured flashy sales pitches, stars like Jay-Z and giveaways—a car from AOL’s Tim Armstrong. But more importantly, real deals got done to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in the inaugural event whose objective was to woo a bigger slice of marketing dollars from TV to online video and digital content hubs.

Nike Sells Shoes Via Virtual Reality brandchannel 04.11.13 When people buy shoes, they generally want to take a look at the actual product and put them on their actual feet, but Nike is trying something new that may have folks at least asking for the shoe before ever seeing the real deal. Nike is using holographs in three different areas of Amsterdam to generate interest in its new Nike Free 5.0 running shoes. Welcome to the future of marketing. Who needs reality?



Unilever’s sustainability program saves $395M since 2008 Green Biz 04.18.13 Unilever has cut more than 1 million tons of CO2 from its manufacturing and logistics operations since 2008, the company announced this week. Manufacturing activities provided the bulk of the savings, shedding 838,000 tons of CO2, while improving the efficiency of its logistics operations helped Unilever cut emissions by a further 211,000 tons since its 2008 baseline. 

Study shows boost in international climate change policies Blue and Green Tomorrow 04.16.13 The new report ‘The Policy Climate’ has put together 30 years of evidence from five key economies, China, EU, US, Brazil and India – which combined, contains more than 50% of the worlds population, accounting for almost two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions. The report by the Climate Policy Initiative, a US-based analysis and advisory organisation founded by Thomas C. Heller and funded by George Soros, has found that despite the slow pace of international climate negotiations, the past decade has experienced a significant growth in climate policies and negotiations.

New Guidelines to Help Companies Report on Sustainability Issues Bloomberg 04.16.13 Sustainability initiatives assuage the conscience of executives and honor the appeals of NGOs. It’s no wonder that feel-good business improvements are plentiful in most large companies. The trouble is, as these programs mature, managers are finding that the easiest projects have already been identified. What’s more, first-generation initiatives might not address unsustainable practices at the core of a business. A financial institution can reduce its carbon emissions by renting space in a green building, for example, or encourage employees to recycle, or compost cafeteria leftovers, but it’s all still irrelevant to the managing market risk faced by investors.


Industry News 04.15.13

OgilvyEntertainment Press Review is a collection of the latest client, branded entertainment, and industry news.

Read Making magic, using logic: the Ogilvy Branded Entertainment Assessment ModelTM.

April 15th, 2013



Content Marketing: It’s Not About Shock, but Good Storytelling Ad Age 04.09.13 Want your message to cut through the noise? You have to be doing content marketing — and doing it right. Content marketing is not a shallow advertisement, a blatant self-promotion or an attempt to trick readers. First and foremost, it has to be about great content. It’s writing a story that people want to e-mail a friend, or unearthing a fascinating piece of information buried in an organization’s little-read white paper. It’s a stunning infographic that breaks down a complex idea or drives home a jaw-dropping statistic that your organization happens to know. It’s a video interview featuring an expert who gives honest answers to interesting questions.

Pepsi Continues to Bask in Branded Content Glory with Top YouTube Views brandchannel 04.08.13 Pepsi took YouTube by storm last month according to Google’s YouTube Ads leaderboard. The brand is benefitting from its latest viral branded content hit “Test Drive”, which has over 33 million views. The video, which is the brand’s second attempt on a spoof video, garnered more plays than any of 2012′s leaderboard ads, earning 13 million more views than 2012′s top performer, Nike’s “My Time Is Now.”

Sponsors Now Pay for Online Articles, Not Just Ads NY Times 04.07.13 Articles in a series on called “What’s Inside” looked for all the world like the hundreds of other articles on the digital media site. But journalistically, they were something very different. The articles, about technology topics in a wide variety of products, including modems and the Hubble Space Telescope, were paid for by Snapdragon, a brand of processor chip made by Qualcomm, and the sponsor of the series. Most were even written by Mashable editorial employees.



Ad of the Day: Holiday Inn Express Ad Week 04.09.13 Holiday Inn Express may not have stayed smart, but it is trying to get smart again. The brand is reviving its popular, long-running “Stay Smart” message with two new spots from Ogilvy & Mather, which won the business last year. The original campaign, which featured commercials ending in the line “But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night,” ran for 11 years, starting in 1998, and was originally created by Fallon.

The Rebirth Of Dynamic Interactive Rich Media Advertising Marketing Daily 04.09.13 In April 2010, Steve Jobs wrote a blog post called “Thoughts on Flash.” Almost three years later, his words could not have more relevance.  In his post, Jobs details the limitations of Adobe Flash technology when it comes to developing video content for the Web. He notes obstacles that range from compliance with open Web standards to poor performance, to incompatibility with today’s mobile touch devices.

Survey: Online Video Advertising Dominates Local TV Stations’ Online Tune-In Campaigns Video Nuze 04.04.13 A new survey of local TV stations by video marketing platform provider Mixpo has found that between 58%-70% of local TV stations’ online tune-in campaign budgets (depending on market size) are allocated to online video ads. Fully 85% of local stations intend to use online video advertising for tune-in campaigns in 2013.



Cable’s Rise Is Making TV Hits Harder to Predict Ad Age 04.08.13 AMC’s “The Walking Dead” regularly delivered more 18-to-49-year-olds than any broadcast series this season. History’s “The Bible” was the No. 1 show on Sunday nights. A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” is igniting more social chatter than “American Idol.” The finale of “Downton Abbey” drew over 8 million viewers — for PBS. All 13 episodes of “House of Cards” premiered on Netflix to rave reviews. And NBC ended February sweeps in fifth place behind Univision, a first for one of the Big Four.

Now Showing on YouTube: Spotify All Things D 04.08.13 Spotify’s digital music service has 24 million users and six million subscribers. But it wants a lot more. So it’s advertising on the Web’s most popular music service: Starting tonight, Spotify is running a one-day “takeover” ad on YouTube’s homepage, which you should be able to see now.

The Man Who Turned AMC Into a Creative Empire Ad Week 04.07.13 Because he is the president of the network and because Jon Hamm has momentarily stepped out to take a call while a photographer adjusts the lighting, Charlie Collier is allowing himself a quick peek at the contents of Don Draper’s desk. As with seemingly every piece of office equipment that was manufactured in the United States in the late 1960s—the sturdy Bakelite telephones, the locomotive-shaped Swingline staplers, the cigarette machines with the plastic knobs that retract with the force of a pinball machine’s spring launcher—there’s an inherent physicality to the drawer that must be negotiated before the desk gives up its secrets, a certain sturdy resistance to be overcome.



Intel Cooks Up Future of TV – a Potential Mess for Cable Ad Age 04.09.13 Visualize the TV service you’ve always wanted: a gorgeous interface that does away with clunky (and often ad-strewn) programming grids; a simple remote that isn’t a crushing array of buttons; a cloud-based DVR that doesn’t require you to hit “record”; algorithms that learn what you like and recommend new shows; an easy sync with social networks; effortless co-viewing with friends far away; video on tablets, phones and other devices with screens; and the seamless integration of traditional TV and what’s on the web.

LinkMe Displays Texts, Social-Media Alerts on Your Wrist Mashable 04.08.13 Move over, Apple and Samsung. While two of tech’s biggest companies are reportedly developing smart watches, startup LinkMe has already gotten a head start. LinkMe is a Bluetooth-enabled device that lets users view incoming text messages or social-media alerts on their wrist. They send a message with their smartphone via an app, which in turn, will be displayed on LinkMe.

Alternative Screens Expand TV, Video Audience Media Post Publications 04.05.13 TV may still be king, but the fragmenting video landscape has increasingly challenged media buyers in how and where they allocate budgets in a multiscreen world. Given that 120 million people in the U.S. now have smartphones, and 57 million own tablets, the potential viewing audience beyond the TV screen has grown enormously in recent years.



Investors Propose Requiring Sustainability Data Disclosure Bloomberg 04.09.13 A group of investors April 8 proposed a standard requiring companies to disclose environmental and social data in annual financial filings in order to be listed on global stock exchanges. A global sustainability listing standard would allow investors to compare companies on their environmental, social, and governance performance, Gwen Le Berre, vice president of corporate governance and responsible investment at BlackRock, said in a statement. BlackRock is one of the investment companies participating in the development of a sustainability listing standard.

Inside H&M’s Quest For Sustainability In Fast Fashion Forbes 04.09.13 In the midst of retailers are making headlines for what they’re doing wrong (hello JCPenney) Swedish juggernaut H&M is trying to do right. Hard on the heels of debuting its latest “Conscious Collection” filled with fibers of the recycled and organic cotton varieties, the world’s second largest apparel company also publicly released a list of its suppliers, something many retailers keep tightly under wraps.

Paris Runners Help Power the Future of Sustainable Energy brandchannel 04.08.13 Athletes expend a whole lot of energy all over the world. In a world that is desperate for ways to find new sources of sustainable energy, it seems like a no-brainer to try and capture some of that expenditure of energy and use it for good, such as the more than 350 UK gyms that are built to generate their own energy for lighting or the bike energy that helped power the laptops of Occupy Wall Street.

New Episode of Horizons Airing Tonight

Tune in for the newest episode of Horizons airing this Friday at 9:30pm and Sunday at 10:30am and 4:30pm (all times EST). Halfway through the segment, be sure to catch our documentary-style commercial ”Sweetness of Victory” in partnership with DuPont and TwoFour. The short film was shot in Meerut, India, where DuPont is helping mill owners to increase their sugar cane productivity.  Fun fact: India is the second largest producer of sugar cane in the world!

Check out more mini documentaries here.

Industry News 04.08.13

OgilvyEntertainment Press Review is a collection of the latest client, branded entertainment, and industry news.

Read Making magic, using logic: the Ogilvy Branded Entertainment Assessment ModelTM.

April 8th, 2013



Perrier celebrates 150 years with Perrier Secret Place digital experience The Drum 04.04.13 Perrier sparkling natural mineral water has unveiled a digital experience to allow the public to participate in a ‘secret party’ in Paris through the eyes of 60 different mysterious characters. Created by Ogilvy & Mather Paris, the campaign also invites visitors to enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win an invitation to one of five of the wildest parties across the globe.

Axe saves Face With Skincare Line as Brand Gets Ready to Head to Space brandchannel 04.03.13 The idea of launching the Axe Face Line with a Facebook promotion obviously was too literal. So the Unilever brand is launching its new line of facial-care products instead with a “Facescore” campaign on Tumblr as a social face-off, supported by ads running on various media websites — and, of course, a presence on Facebook too. In doing so, Axe is entering a segment of the men’s care business of the first time — a more challenging territory than when it had a fairly singular focus on helping young guys simply smell great so they could attract hordes of women.

Is New Wes Anderson for Prada Short Film Wes Anderson Enough? brandchannel 04.02.13 Branded content is the hot new thing. Prada is the latest to the game with a short film directed by indie darling Wes Anderson and starring French actress Léa Seydoux. Anderson is best known for charming films filled with twee sensibilities such as Rushmore, The Life Aquatic, Moonrise Kingdom and The Royal Tenenbaums. But Anderson is actually an old branded content auteur.


Solixir Energy Drinks In ‘Working Dead’ Campaign Marketing Daily 04.03.13 Solixir, an energy-drink brand positioned as an “all-natural, healthy” functional beverage/dietary supplement, has launched a full-out marketing push in the heart of Chicago, with a campaign dubbed “The Working Dead.” The zombie-spoof campaign (“Fighting the Working Dead One Can at a Time”) spans “advertising dominations” in Chicago’s rapid transit system or “L,” deployment of Working Dead zombies, street teams working the Loop business district, and social media activations.

Facebook Highlights Ad Performance In Ads Manager Tools Online Media Daily 04.02.13 Facebook on Tuesday said it has updated its Ads Manager tool to let advertisers more easily see how campaigns are performing against specific goals and assess ROI. When marketers create their ads in the ad create tool, they can choose from the following advertising goals: get more Page Likes, promote Page posts, get new users, increase app engagement and increase attendance for Facebook events. The Ads Manager will then display the actions — such as Page Likes — that an advertiser cares most about more prominently in their campaign summary page and calculate the cost per Page Like for their ads.

New Mobile Ad Units Will Speak To Consumers, Literally Online Media Daily 04.01.13 If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the value of a voice? That’s what Madison Avenue is about to find out as one of the biggest developers of voice and language translation technologies releases a new mobile advertising format enabling brands to literally talk one-on-one with consumers. The format, dubbed Voice Ads, is being rolled out by Nuance Communications, the same company that powers natural language voice programming for Google Voice and Apple’s Siri, and it’s already looking at applications for other media, including out-of-home and television.


Jimmy Fallon Brand Rises With Tonight Show Takeover Confirmed by NBC brandchannel 04.03.13 NBC today confirmed that Jimmy Fallon is taking over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno in 2014, ending months of rumors in a deal that was (according to Variety) brokered by Comcast exec and NBCUniversal president Steve Burke. Leno will retire following a 22-year run, while Fallon’s reign will begin, Variety hears, following the Sochi, Russia, Winter Olympics coverage on NBC and its sister TV networks.

U.S. Digital TV Users Soaring Media Daily News 04.03.13 U.S. digital TV users are climbing faster than expected. The number of U.S. digital TV users — those who view at least one TV show per month via the Internet — will climb 37% in four years to 145 million in 2017, from 106 million in 2012. This amounts to digital TV user growth climbing at a 6.9% compound annual growth rate — a higher increase than previously forecast in August 2012 by eMarketer.

President of HBO Sports says HBO Go will stream live events by the end of this year The Verge 03.28.13 At Harvard Law School’s Sports Law Symposium today, HBO Sports president Ken Hershman said that live sports would be on HBO Go by the end of this year, bringing real-time sports to HBO subscribers’ phones, tablets, PCs, and set-top boxes for the first time. The most likely event for HBO to livestream would be boxing. However, when reached by email, HBO SVP of corporate affairs Jeff Cusson told The Verge that “We’re always exploring ways to enhance HBO Go, but we have no immediate plans to offer live boxing on the platform.”


Women Shop Online, But Still Buy In Stores Marketing Daily 04.04.13 Women favor shopping online, and have a big influence over what men buy. The second annual “SheSpeaks/Lippe Taylor Women’s Buying Behavior Index” talked to 2,152 women over the past two months to get a pulse on buying habits and forecast purchasing trends of American women.

Facebook Phone Home: Social Media Giant to Bring Brand to Smartphones brandchannel 04.02.13 More than 425,000 cell phones are decommissioned each day in the United States, but that doesn’t mean people don’t want their phones. In fact, they can’t get enough of them and, even though big global brands including Samsung and Apple eat up a massive part of the global market, there is still plenty of money left over and plenty of companies that would like a piece of that action. Now you can add Facebook and maybe Amazon to that list.

Twitter’s Vine App Update Allows More Sharing, Web-Embedded Video Mobile Marketing Daily 04.01.13 The version number update to Twitter’s video app Vine seems incremental, but it adds features that marketers could find especially helpful. With its iOS update available over this past weekend, Vine now allows app users to share videos posted by others on their own Twitter and Facebook networks. Surely this will help enhance the ways that videos resonate throughout the social ecosystem.


H&M launches eco-friendly partywear collection Long Island Newsday 04.04.13 You already shop at H&M for affordable basics like tanks, blazers, jeans and sundresses, but now the party’s really getting started. The retailer launched the Conscious Exclusive eveningwear collection Thursday, an extension of the Conscious collection, a mildly higher-priced line made of sustainable materials.

Virgin Serves In-Flight Sustainable Food Environmental Leader 04.04.13 Virgin Atlantic has partnered with the Sustainable Restaurant Association to serve sustainable food on in-flight meals. By the end of the year, all of Virgin Atlantic’s caterers worldwide will have been rated by the SRA, according to the association, which says this program is the first of its kind in the airline industry.

It’s Confusing Being Green Marketing Daily 04.03.13 It’s not easy being green, particularly when the information about getting the most benefit of environmentally friendly products is hard to find and confusing.  According to new data from Cone Communications, nearly three-quarters of consumers (71%) said they consider the environment when shopping, up from two-thirds (66%) five years ago. Indeed, nearly half of all consumers (45%) actively seek out environmental impact information of the products they’re buying.