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Grey Goose Announcing 2nd Season in “Rising Icons” Series

Absolut released its “creative visionaries” video series, featuring artists like Lenny Kravitz and Jay-Z. Mountain Dew hosts Green Label Sound, a digital outlet showcasing free singles from indie, hip-hop and electronic musicians. Vans, after 15 years, continues to sponsor the Warped Tour.

In so many words, brands are no strangers to emerging artists and music subcultures. It’s a symbiotic relationship: branded platforms provide musicians the exposure they’re looking for to break-out (or expand), while sponsors reap the benefits of any success the artists achieve (and look hip by association).


It comes as no surprise, then, that Grey Goose has reinvested in its Rising Icons series, announcing a second season of the TV show and concurrent concert tour in partnership with BET…

The series, which “chronicles the artists’ lives both on and off the stage” (but mostly just shows them performing) launched in July 2009 with performances and 30 minute episodes featuring a line-up of relatively unknown emerging “icons.”

While we’ll have to wait until August to see what the new content has to offer, the brand seems to have upped the ante this time around-adding heavy hitters like Estelle and Jay Sean to the list of performers.


Can’t wait to sit back and watch Estelle with a Grey Goose signature cocktail!

Brands and Bands Turn Up the Volume

OgilvyEntertainment teamed up with Atlantic Records and Crystal Light to participate in Billboard and Adweek’s Music and Advertising Conference, where key players discussed the brand’s partnership with Grarmmy-winning artist Estelle. The conference, in its first year, reflects the growing trend of brands and bands teaming up to propel their marketing agendas.

A theme evident in the Crystal Light panel, and the conference as a whole, is that successful brand/music alliances share a few basic tenants: complementary “brand” attributes (because artists are in fact brands too) and a partnership construct where both artist and brand find value to advance their individual goals.

In the case of Crystal Light and Estelle, both “brands” embody vibrant feminine energy and confidence (and Estelle drinks the product too). In addition, the partnership offered value to both parties: Crystal Light got an original pop song written exclusively for its campaign, and Estelle got mass exposure for her music.

Another topic was how brands and bands are seen and heard in the marketplace. In order for brands to get the full benefits of a partnership, they should leverage not only advertising, but also all of their marketing resources such as PR, retail activation and promotions.

Camille Hackney, Atlantic’s Vice President of Brand Partnerships and Licensing, gave a few tips to brands considering a music partnership: background checks and meeting with artists in person to establish a relationship are important.

To put it in terms we can all appreciate, brand/music partnerships are a lot like marriages: they require trust, mutual understanding, and both parties have to know what they’re getting out of it before they make the deal. And, if someone doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain, (like in the case of Chris Brown) there’s reason for the other party to end the relationship.

Tune in to E!’s Pre-Grammys Show to hear Estelle’s new song for Crystal Light

Stuart Elliot, advertising columnist for the New York Times, published an article today on Estelle’s new song, “Star,” for Crystal Light. The song, which will be featured in a Crystal Light spot set to air on the E! Network during the channel’s pre-ceremony program, is the result of a collaboration between OgilvyEntertainment, Kraft, and the artist.

In fact, some of our very own OgilvyEntertainment folks will be heading to the Grammys for the launch—so don’t forget check back on Monday for a more detailed post on this campaign initiative, along with photos from the actual Grammys event!

In the meantime, tune in on Sunday to see E!’s coverage of the red carpet and visit www.upumpitup.com for a free download of “Star.”

OgilvyEntertainment Goes to the Grammys

As developers of branded entertainment, we have a wide variety of options at our disposal to shape into content that (we hope) will connect with consumers. Music, is an elastic medium that, thanks to the advances of digital distribution, can be enjoyed everywhere, works on its own or in support of other media and given its nature, evokes an enormous emotional response.

For brand advertising, we’ve all heard original jingles and more recently, popular songs of the rock and soul eras that have resurfaced as soundtracks to some of our best loved TV commercials.

Today, brands want to find authentic ways of engaging their consumer communities and are partnering with artists who (as brands themselves) have aligned views. We were in Los Angeles this past Grammy weekend working on such a project with Estelle, whose vibrant and female-centric attitude has found a home in the world of Crystal Light.

The brand’s message is centered on women celebrating their spirit, so Estelle found it easy to tap into her own vision in writing “Star,” and in doing so, captured the essence of Crystal Light for its new campaign.

What did that look like over Grammys weekend?

There was Estelle leaving her rehearsals with Kanye and coming to the Grammy Style Studio in Hollywood to demonstrate her embrace of the real aspirations that the song preaches. While there, she was interviewed by MSN’s Wonderwall, and enjoyed a “Starlight” cocktail at the Crystal Light refreshment bar. The next day she graced the red carpet as a double nominee and was interviewed by E!‘s Juliana Depandi about American Boy, how she met John Legend, and her partnership with Crystal Light (click here to see the video). During the broadcast, Crystal Light’s TV spot featuring “Star” ran, offering a free download of the exclusive song. The combined elements elevated the brand in an exciting, fresh way and made it relevant in the context of the music, using Grammy music and style coverage as an ad-hoc delivery system.

Sunday evening ended on a high note when Estelle won her first Grammy for Best Sung/Rap Collaboration.

We’re glad we were there to be part of it.

Meg and Rich / Peace Out.

Update 2/18/09

Wonderwall also had an exclusive interview with Estelle at the 2009 Grammy Style Suites, which featured a Crystal Light bar that served their signature Startini cocktails.