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That Takes Grape-Nuts

Post Foods launched a new ad campaign for Grape-Nuts that targets its male consumers. As stated in a recent Wall Street Journal Article, “The cheeky campaign “That Takes Grape Nuts” includes a special Website on MSN with dozen’s of two-minute videos. “When you tackle something tough at work or at home, that doesn’t just take know-how—that takes Grape-Nuts.” Kenny Mayne, an ESPN personality, hosts the 50-episode Web series. Mayne comments on a variety of topics such as, “Going Bald Like a Man,” “Looking Cool Driving a Minivan,” or “Beating Your Boss on Every Hole.” “The campaign is a departure from traditional cereal advertising, which has been dominated by wholesome images of mom and the family breakfast table.”

OgilvyEntertainment has joined forces with Shine Group’s Reveille and MSN to produce and deliver the content. President of OgilvyEntertainment, Doug Scott, quotes in a recent Adweek article, “Branded Entertainment is a cost-effective vehicle to reach your target audience, and with Reveille, who has a proven track record in developing this form of programming, we have produced an original series that captures the positioning of Grape-Nuts.”

The campaign has done a wonderful job in presenting the brand in a relevant way that does not feel overt or heavy handed. Each intro and outro speaks to the theme of That Takes Grape Nuts and ties it directly to the episode topic, creating a seamless flow for each video.

Visit http://theguysmanual.msn.com  to see the webisodes, which will continue to be refreshed with new installments through the end of the year.



Brands and Bands Turn Up the Volume

OgilvyEntertainment teamed up with Atlantic Records and Crystal Light to participate in Billboard and Adweek’s Music and Advertising Conference, where key players discussed the brand’s partnership with Grarmmy-winning artist Estelle. The conference, in its first year, reflects the growing trend of brands and bands teaming up to propel their marketing agendas.

A theme evident in the Crystal Light panel, and the conference as a whole, is that successful brand/music alliances share a few basic tenants: complementary “brand” attributes (because artists are in fact brands too) and a partnership construct where both artist and brand find value to advance their individual goals.

In the case of Crystal Light and Estelle, both “brands” embody vibrant feminine energy and confidence (and Estelle drinks the product too). In addition, the partnership offered value to both parties: Crystal Light got an original pop song written exclusively for its campaign, and Estelle got mass exposure for her music.

Another topic was how brands and bands are seen and heard in the marketplace. In order for brands to get the full benefits of a partnership, they should leverage not only advertising, but also all of their marketing resources such as PR, retail activation and promotions.

Camille Hackney, Atlantic’s Vice President of Brand Partnerships and Licensing, gave a few tips to brands considering a music partnership: background checks and meeting with artists in person to establish a relationship are important.

To put it in terms we can all appreciate, brand/music partnerships are a lot like marriages: they require trust, mutual understanding, and both parties have to know what they’re getting out of it before they make the deal. And, if someone doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain, (like in the case of Chris Brown) there’s reason for the other party to end the relationship.

Where is Brand-funded Content moving?

Check out this Adweek article, “Where Hollywood Meets Reality” quoting our very own President of OgilvyEntertainment Doug Scott. In the article, author Brian Morrissey, discusses how branded content is still struggling to “find its footing.” 

Morrissey discusses how last week at the Onfront NYC gathering, keynote speaker Jordan Levin, CEO of production company Generate, warned his listeners that the entire branded-content ecosystem is at risk.

Doug Scott commented, “The biggest challenge is the total number of producers and creators coming to meet with us. Branded content is not about using the product as prop, its understanding the essence of the brand.” 

To read more about the challenges and success stories in the branded entertainment industry, follow the link above.



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Out West We Go

After weeks of anticipation and agonizing packing, our team at OgilvyEntertainment has finally made the move out West. (to 11th Avenue that is).

The renovated chocolate factory welcomed us all with a chunk of delicious, rich milk chocolate and plenty of natural sunlight. The new friendly atmosphere already appears to be bringing co-workers closer together, not just in the literal sense. Not only is the new office socially friendly, but it is also eco-friendly. With high-tech lights with sunlight sensors and a new green method of printing, we will surely save our planet earth, one creative pitch at a time.

First impressions from the team:

Rachel: “It’s much more social”

Nate: “Light. Period.”

Stephanie: “I for one am a huge fan of the ice machines and the Viking refrigerating units.

Lily: “I love it. I finally have a window!”

Jessi: "I dig the new space — yep, I said it. It’s more collaborative and you’ll find yourself meeting people you may not otherwise encounter. I have a feeling though I’ll be learning some new things about my new space-mates that could definitely prove interesting…"

With that, we say farewell to Worldwide Plaza. Out with the old and in with the new!


The Ogilvy branded circular doors welcome us to 636:



Our stunning move coordinators with their bright red NEED HELP? Shirts escorted us to our new homes:



Our open and collaborative work environment allows the creativity to circulate through the office:



The view out the window:



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11th Avenue, Here We Come!

This past Wednesday OgilvyEntertainment checked out their cool new digs located at 11th Ave between 46 & 47th St.  Yes, that’s right folks.  We are movin’ on West.  Far West.

The Entertainment Arrives:



See more tour photos after the jump.  We should be settled in by June 8th…


Clowning around:



The boss (a hard headed approach):



The exploration begins (on hoof–the lifts aren’t working):



View from above (the rooftop wet bar):



 Our fearless tour guide:



Chivalry not dead:



More stunning views:



Goodbye to the old:



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