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Is this really “branded entertainment?”

So AdAge published this article stating that Kimberly-Clark is continuing to divert money away from a traditional couponing strategy to “a big branded-entertainment promotion” for the third year in a row, in partnership with ABC Entertainment and The View. After reading the article, I feel like the strategy is actually a mix between promotions and PR …. not branded entertainment as we typically think of it. Thoughts?



While it’s clearly an effective marketing strategy that has delivered tremendous ROI for the brand, this demonstrates how branded entertainment is often a loosely defined and industry. I would argue that this daytime talk-show integration is a “pay for play” move (not that there’s anything wrong with that …sometimes) that is a springboard for a consumer promotion (the room-a-day giveaway) and PR visibility, versus the creation of engaging, entertainment-focused content that integrates organic brand properties and that can be leveraged for distribution across various media outlets.

Perhaps I’m being too esoteric about the whole thing, but this doesn’t seem quite right to me.

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