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Healthy Salads at Carl's Jr.?

With 2010 around the corner, Carl’s Jr. is trying to change their reputation.  Best known for burgers and fries that add up to over 1,000 calories, the fast food chain will launch a new line of grilled chicken salads advertised by reality star Kim Kardashian.



The campaign will incorporate social media by way of Carl’s Jr.’s Facebook page and on YouTube.  In addition, with Kardashian’s 2.7 million followers on Twitter and 562,000 fans on Facebook, Carl’s Jr. sees her as an ideal choice to increase popularity in the digital space.

On January 13th, Carl’s Jr. will put on a live event hosted by Kardashian, The Ultimate Salad Lunch Date.  Consumers will be able to chat with her via webcam if they have purchased a salad from Carl’s Jr. between December 30th and January 12th.  So go buy a salad next week!

As far as we all know, Carl’s Jr. has always been associated as having very caloric products.  When I think of the fast-food restaurant, the first thing that comes to mind is the widely advertised Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger.  In 2010, the restaurant seeks to change that reputation by featuring beautiful, healthy and in-shape Kim Kardashian all over the digital world.  She will promote salads from Carl’s Jr. of lower caloric value and if all goes well, this will increase profits for a chain who’s sales have fallen 5.7 percent in this economic recession.

When questioned about Carl’s Jr.’s new campaign, creative director Mick DiMaria remarked, "What makes this different is that it’s a salad, which is not associated with indulgence.  We make it indulgent. Kim is pretty much advertising gold." (Adweek

Will viewers share DiMaria’s opinon?  Will Kim Kardashian turn everything she touches to gold, even Carl’s Jr.’s profits?




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Video of the Week: The Best of Us Challenge


The International Olympics Committee (IOC) is in the midst of “The Best of Us Challenge” where viewers are challenged to out do their favorite athletes in out-of-the-ordinary and wacky activities. Viewers are encouraged to submit videos in hopes of not only besting the athletes, but also winning signed merchandise or a trip to the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Viewers could also create and submit their own challenge.


This campaign reaches consumers through multiple social media outlets: facebook fan page, twitter and youtube, which is the platform for the campaign.

If you think you beat Michael Phelps by hitting more than twelve 5-foot puts in 60 seconds or you can pick up and carry more tennis balls than Rafael Nadal in 30 seconds, check out these video challenges and submit your entries! (Off the record, I did beat Barbara Kendall in her challenge by drawing 34 smiley faces in 30 seconds—she got 24 ? )




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Vampires Sell Cars

With the premiere of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” right around the corner, Volvo has created a website, WhatDrivesEdward.com, where consumers can enter to win tickets to the premiere of the movie, meet the cast, and receive their very own Volvo XC60, the exact car that vampire Edward Cullen drives in the movie.          



The new Volvo is featured throughout The Twilight Saga.  It is apart of Edward’s character.  The movie portrays him as an affluent teenager who drives the nicest car in the school parking lot.   He rides in style, and he also happens to ride in a car that can go faster than any other on the road.  Edward Cullen makes the Volvo XC60 look like a million bucks, similar to the effect that James Bond had on the Aston Martin.  It is pretty much a guarantee that every teenage girl who sees the movie will be begging her parents for the same car that dreamy Edward drives.



Not only has Volvo found an actor that is handsome and well-liked to represent their product, but the company has also done a great job of incorporating different social media tools to promote the contest and the car.  To win the XC60, fans have to answer a series of questions, all of which have clues on sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.  Participants are also encouraged to chat with others on these social media sites and exchange hints in order to solve the puzzle.  From WhatDrivesEdward.com, viewers are merely a click away from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, YouTube and many more.


News will spread fast.  Typically, a contest surrounding a male heartthrob would be most appealing to teenage girls, but with the vast array of social media tools used by Volvo, this contest is sure to be reached by consumers of all ages and gender.  With the help of a sexy vampire, the Volvo XC60 is soon to become the new “it” car.




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Expedition 206: Coca-Cola’s Happiness Ambassadors Spread the Joy

As part of its new “Open Happiness” campaign, Coca-Cola will send three “Happiness Ambassadors” on a year-long expedition to 206 countries (where Coca-Cola is present). After extensive search, Coca-Cola has narrowed its ambassadors to 3 teams of 3. Beginning today, 10/21/09, consumers are encouraged to go online and vote to determine who the three travelers will be.

The chosen bloggers will explore different cultures while blogging, posting updates on Twitter, adding videos to YouTube, and uploading pictures to Flickr in hopes to generate talk and buzz around the happiness campaign. The ambassadors will meet with locals and learn about their culture while uncovering what makes people happy. They will even take part in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, FIFA World cup in South Africa, and the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, all of which Coca-Cola sponsors.


A recent Forbes article quotes Director of Coca-Cola’s Office of Digital Communications and Social Media, Adam Brown, “It’s not about having the Coca-Cola brand first and foremost, center of the screen. It’s about telling the story that involves Coca-Cola, that involves the attributes of what Coca-Cola is about, optimism and joy." 

This campaign is a perfect example of how brands can engage consumers through all the social media elements. Throughout the year-long journey, the ambassadors will constantly be engaging the consumers by sharing videos, blogs and photos. They will also be taking consumer suggestions at their destinations as to areas they will visit. In a Coca-Cola press release, Adam Brown continues, “This mash-up of social media – online photo galleries, video clips, blogs, microblogs, social networking – combined with an amazing journey, enthusiastic travelers and a theme of happiness is a great way for us to connect with people around the world. The global adoption of social media has given us a way to deliver a year-long reality TV series without the TV.”

As Brown stated, this campaign allows for a vast array of content opportunities, even upon the ambassadors return from their explorations. With the immense increase in video sharing over the past year, Coca-Cola will be able to leverage all the social media sites to reach a large target.

Who knows, maybe someday these bloggers will gain "celebrity" status in the blogosphere, all thanks to Coca-Cola’s “Open Happiness” campaign. For now, they have, at least, earned an all expense paid tour of the World’s greatest countries!



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