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The Winners Showcase from the 2012 Cannes Lions

The Winners Showcase from the 2012 Cannes Lions is now on

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the world’s leading and most prestigious celebration of creativity in communications. Held annually in Cannes, France, the festival attracts more than 28,000 entries from around the world to be showcased and judged, with the highly coveted Lion trophy as the prize. Ogilvy & Mather made history this year, winning the coveted Cannes Lions 2012 Network of the Year Award, the most prestigious accolade in the advertising industry. We also had the finest Cannes performance in our history, winning a record 83 Lions – 1 Grand Prix, 12 Gold, 20 Silver, and 50 Bronze Lions, with 305 Finalists. This is our first Grand Prix since 2007, and we won it on the biggest of big brands, Coca-Cola.

Ogilvy Paris Brings ‘Mad Men’ To Life

While “Mad Men” fans mourn the end of another season of fabulous ’60′s style and advertising ingenuity, the team at Ogilvy Paris is keeping the era alive, and the ideas (and whisky) flowing, with an extreme office makeover.
Ogilvy Paris, along with stylist Isabelle Baudry, has transformed the top floor of its office into a 1960′s meeting and lounge area that pays homage to the company’s founder, David Ogilvy. The look is complete with modern furniture, an old Philips TV set (Philips is an Ogilvy & Mather client) refurbished to sync with current technology, a mounted deer head (Ogilvy was an avid hunter) and lots of whisky. As office head Benoit de Fleurian proclaimed, “you cannot have a ‘Mad Men’ ambiance without a carafe of whiskey!”
Check out some photos below…

Ghetto Film School Celebrates 12 Years of Film Education

By Darrell Vanterpool

Twelve years ago, Ghetto Film School was “nothing more than an old storefront on Longwood Avenue in the South Bronx.” says James Calinda, an alumni of the program. “We worked with consumer hand-held cameras like the kinds you’d see at your aunt’s wedding.”

Today, Ghetto Film School houses two Avid editing suites and is the only post-production house in the Bronx. The 15-month program begins with students learning the barebones of filmmaking and culminates in them shooting a short film in a foreign country. I was the camera operator for my class’ thesis film, which we shot in Shanghai. You can view the film here. These kinds of unique opportunities are what the film school prides itself on creating for students.

Two weeks ago in the beer garden of The Standard Hotel, Ghetto Film School (GFS) hosted its 8th annual Spring Benefit. This year, GFS presented six students (including myself) $2,500 scholarships, each sponsored by a different corporation in the news and entertainment industries. In addition to the scholarships presented, Ghetto Film School also honored Actor/Director/Producer Robert De Niro and advertising mogul Dan Wieden for their outstanding support of the program.  Aside from all the awards and honorees, a big part of the night was also the celebrity guests. Accompanying De Niro, Julia Stiles, Tracy Morgan, Melissa Leo and Chazz Palminteri were also at the benefit in addition to a number of other high status professionals such as Katherine Oliver (Commissioner of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment) and Jamal Joseph (Professor and Chair at Columbia University’s Graduate Film Division). Katherine and Jamal effused that they were honored to present awards to students.

Me accepting the Ogilvy Award

While all of this was really fun and exciting, by far the most memorable element of the night was the speakers. Specifically Chazz Palminteri who told a compelling story about Lillo Brancato, star of the 1993 hit “A Bronx Tale,” who made a few bad decisions and is now serving 10 years in prison. Palminteri hit a sober yet hopeful note when he said, “The window is shut for Lillo, but it’s open for you.”

Guest Speaker, Chazz Palminteri

The window is open indeed, as I started my summer internship here at OgilvyEntertainment just a day after meeting Doug Scott and receiving the Ogilvy Award from Ghetto Film School. I will most likely use my scholarship to buy a new 7D, although it wouldn’t be badly spent if I used it to help pay for art supplies during my freshman year at Purchase College.

Escape Fire wins the React to Film Award

ESCAPE FIRE: THE FIGHT TO RESCUE AMERICAN HEALTHCARE, directed by Matthew Heineman and Susan Froemke, has been announced as the winner of the coveted React to Film Award.  The award is given to a ”well-crafted and compelling documentary on a critical social issue that has the greatest potential…to have an impact on that issue through reaching the broadest audience, particularly young people.” The React to Film award supports the directors’ mission to utilize Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare as a vehicle to inform and to spark conversation. Only through awareness and understanding of the complex issues can Americans work to remedy our healthcare system.

Escape Fire has also been the recipient of  The Kathleen Bryan Edwards Award for Human Rights at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Outstanding Achievement Awards for Directing and Documentary Filmmaking at the Newport Beach Film Festival and The Grand Jury Prize at the Berkshire International Film Festival.

ATTENTION NEW YORKERS: You can catch a screening of Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare this week at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in New York City (June 24-27). With the presidential election just around the corner, this film will give you key insights into our imperfect healthcare industry – arguably the most pressing topic of the upcoming election.