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TWEED Video of the Week: Create or Else: Cliff Galbraith

Cliff Galbraith has one of the coolest jobs in the world. While most of us stare at a computer screen all day, carefully crafting emails, or formatting spreadsheets, he does the same thing he was doing in his high school chemistry class: he draws comics. Only now he’s getting paychecks instead of detention slips.

Originally posted on Ogilvy’s Create or Else blog.  Full story here:

TWEED Video of the Week: iCloud

Last week Apple announced a new syncing, streaming and storage service, iCloud, which is hoping to become the digital home for all of your work and entertainment related files.  After two services that didn’t quite last, .mac and MobileMe, will this finally become the standard system in the cloud computing category?  Google recently announced a music streaming service too,  “Music Beta,” so it looks like the two powerhouses will be up against it again.  Click the image to watch the Apple keynote and let us know your thoughts!

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TWEED Video of the Week: Ad Vision with Doug Scott

By: Mel Carson, Microsoft

Welcome to the 14th video in our Ad Vision series of interviews leading up to Cannes Lions 2011!

During a recent trip to New York, I had the honor of meeting with Doug Scott, President of OgilvyEntertainment.  Given his expert view and experience, I asked Doug to share insight into branded entertainment, how digital is shaping consumer experiences, and where he finds creative inspiration.

He also reveals two of his favorite examples of how groundbreaking digital tools have been used to very successfully drive consumer engagement.

To view more videos as they are released, keep an eye on our Cannes Lions microsite and follow us on Twitter using the hashtags #AdVision and #CannesLions.

We hope you enjoy the Ad Vision series. We’d love to get your thoughts, so do join the conversations either below with a comment or on Twitter.

TWEED Video of the Week: “Harriet’s Hello”

To celebrate the sources of inspiration in our everyday lives, Ogilvy is running a competition.

The brief? To create a film under 4 minutes long about inspiration.

The prize? A trip to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Being a naturally inspired bunch, OgilvyEntertainment has entered a film into the competition.

“Harriet’s Hello” is about the most basic form of inspiration there is: other people.

Coming home to find an attractive new roommate has moved in, our French hero is inspired to try and overcome his difficulties with the letter ‘H’ (a phantom consonant for the French) in order to say “hello” to Harriet.

Watch the film here:

We launched the film by extending a special invitation to all the Harriets in Ogilvy to have a first peek.  We have also been handing out leaflets with QR codes linking to the video and calls to action in tiny babysitter strips at the bottom.


To keep the discussion going, we’ve created a blog asking the question ‘what inspires you’ and an accompanying twitter handle: @HarrietsHello.

So tweet us or leave a comment in our blog telling us who inspires you and what they’ve inspired you to do.  Whether its your 4th grade art teacher who inspired you to try and be the next Jackson Pollock, or whether it was a really terrible roommate, who inspired you never, ever to use Craiglist again.  Whoever it was, we’re interested.

And for even more sources of inspiration check out Ogilvy’s Create or Else YouTube channel.