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Video of the Week: From the Vault


If you’re an archive sleuth and an avid TWEED reader, you might have seen our December post on branded entertainment, declaring: “What’s Old is News Again.”

In the featured article, Doug Scott cites in-show advertisement for Philip Morris on “I Love Lucy” as early as the 1950’s.

But the cigarette brand was also featured on other popular television shows (“The Flintstones,” for example)…

It seems we owe Philip Morris cigarettes a bit of a salute as an early pioneer of branded entertainment.

What do you think: Did product integration go beyond cultural influence in this case (with an estimated 48 million American smokers today, alongside all of the implications of cigarette smoke on health)—perhaps to its detriment?


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Video of the Week: Reverse Brand Integration?


What happens when you mix things up a little and not everything you view appears as it seems? Watch this video and come back when you’re done…



Finished? Pretty sweet new Pomegranate phone right? It’s got HD Projection, Global Voice Translator, Coffee Brewer, Shaver and even a Harmonica all-in-one. Who’s behind the Pomegranate phone? When is its release date? I have to know. All that and more can be found here:

Upon further inspection of the site you’ll come across the “Release Date” tab which instantly drives you to the words “Nova Scotia” that ever so eloquently move forward onto the screen.



We’ve been duped. The Pomegranate phone that can speak in 30 different tongues while brewing a cup of hazelnut coffee does not exist! Instead the Pomegranate NS08 (NS=Nova Scotia eh?) phone serves as an integrated portal to the land of Nova Scotia.

A little tom foolery? Trickery? Deceit?


Or was it unique? Different? Captivating? Can we call this product integration even? The Pomegranate phone, in a way, does speak of the Nova Scotia’s “Come to Life” campaign idea that, “You can get everything you want in one place.”

It will be interesting to see more and more whimsical “faux” brands created and come to life in order to support real products and brands. Ultimately these faux brands act as a gateway or portal to a place, brand or product we might never have thought to experience in the first place.


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Video of the Week: 30 Rock, When Product Integration Isn’t


The past week, the blogosphere exploded (ok, maybe just Gawker and NY Magazine) in outrage over the over-the-top product placement of an underappreciated McDonald’s frozen concoction (the McFlurry) in last week’s 30 Rock. Posters and commenters alike decried the integration as heavy-handed, a weak sell-out to satisfy the corporate bottom line.  First, though, a little history to properly situate the matter at hand…

30 Rock has become the “It” show on basic cable, widely regarded as one of the smartest shows on television (both in its writing and in its past placements), a show in which the writers call full attention to in-show advertising lest the fans cry foul and revolt. Interestingly enough, the past week’s episode begins (with the entirety of the episode following)…



…with an exaltation of the McFlurry—whose tone is definitely in line with previous occasions—and continues in similar fashion, albeit with greater screen time than given to the previous advertisers.

One caveat: according to Tina Fey, the show’s creator, last week’s episode plainly wasn’t an endorsement for McDonald’s. Whether the McFlurry integration was a parody of poor product placement, a savvy decoy placement to blur the lines between integrations and non-integrations as a lure for future advertisers, or perhaps just a funny plot device/motif, it’s our video of the week.

Entire show can be seen below—and please don’t hesitate to weigh in with your analysis of the episode. We’d love to hear your thoughts.




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