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Ogilvy & Mather Wins Big at 46th Annual Effie Awards

Ogilvy & Mather was recognized with top honors last night for their creative campaign for Dove Real Beauty Sketches – Winning Back Dove Love for Unilever. The campaign was revealed as the Grand Effie winner for the 2014 North American Effie Awards competition. The agency and client Unilever won a total of three Gold level Effies for the Winning Back Dove Love campaign.

Additionally, O&M North America and New York office were recognized as the top creative agency network of the year.

These accolades, which recognize the most effective marketing communications cases and agencies in the United States & Canada, are based on the analysis of the North America Effie Awards finalist and winner data from the past year.


The O&M network won a total of 14 awards including six Gold, two Silver and six Bronze and was the most awarded creative agency in the US. Clients IBM, Unilever’s Dove and Kimberly-Clark’s U by Kotex were recognized as the Most Effective Brands.

“Being recognized by the Effies on behalf of the great work we are doing for our clients is a huge accolade for our network and is truly an honor,” said John Seifert, Chairman & CEO of Ogilvy & Mather North America. “To be awarded with the Grand Effie proves that we are doing what we’ve been set out to do in this industry – produce business results for our clients.”

“There have been some great moments in the New York office this year,” said Lou Aversano, Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy& Mather New York. “This is a prestigious awards competition and our recognition speaks to the ideas we strive to deliver to our clients every day and we are thrilled to share this honor with each of them!”

The World Of Branded Entertainment: Q&A With Ogilvy’s Abby Marks

Abby Marks, Director of Strategy and Operations for OgilvyEntertainment, entered the creative world of advertising via management consulting. In this interview featured on MediaDailyNews, Abby talks about the process of creating branded entertainment and compares branded and native formats. She also offers great insight into Ogilvy’s recent BEAM whitepaper on branded entertainment.

The videos of the interview can be viewed at

Charlene Weisler: How has branded content changed in the four years that you have been at Ogilvy?

AM:  It’s an amazing time for branded entertainment and branded content. We are really seeing the shift in consumer appetites for content and the willingness to go over the top and pay for that content. So for brands, the ecosystem is past the tipping point.

The past year and a half has seen a huge swell of brands that really understand that opportunity. When I started at Ogilvy Entertainment in 2010, it was still a time of convincing brands that they needed programs collaborating with media partners, creating their own series, hosting them online and promoting them as if they were a TV or film property. Today we are seeing that shift.

Consumers too are getting much smarter. They are not put off by brands that create compelling content if it is insight-driven and if it feels relevant to where a brand should be, playing like Dove’s “True Beauty” sketches or Lacta’s “Love in the End” film. Consumers are open and receptive if it is great content and it is compelling to them. They don’t mind that it is from a brand.

CW: What length of programming works best for branded content?

AM: We tend to think of mobile as short form, but to be honest, if you are going to engage in mobile, there is more and more research coming out that says that people are looking for more longer form in mobile.

Viewers are looking for a sustained experience — maybe they are waiting for a bus, they are meeting some friends — they want to find that one place and really dive deep into that content. It is all about story. If the story can be told in 30 seconds, that is great. If the story needs 10, 20, 30 minutes, the consumer is ready for that kind of story as well.

CW: Tell me about BEAM.

AM: We have been in the branded entertainment sector for about 10 years, which is a pretty long time considering the more recent focus toward branded content. We’ve had a strategic relationship with MIPTV, which is an annual international content festival and marketplace in Europe. We thought that it would be a great platform to launch a whitepaper around strategic use and measurement of branded entertainment, how it should be used, how it can be used and how it should be measured.

So we wrote a whitepaper, “Making Magic, Using Logic: the Ogilvy Branded Entertainment Assessment Model.” It is meant to help align ideas heading into a project, what it should achieve, where it should be distributed and how it should be measured so that it is not an afterthought and it really helps to prove out the success of these programs.

See the original article on MediaPost here:

Separating Church & State in Publishing

Publishers are rapidly embracing sponsored content as an additional revenue stream, alongside subscriptions and display. But there are real concerns when it comes to allowing brands or other financial interests to directly fund (and oversee) content production.

Much like the division of church and state, the line between advertising and editorial is one of the strongest tenets of contemporary journalism. However, like most lines in professional ethics, this one is far from solid.

Digiday asked speakers from the upcoming Digiday Publishing Summit Europe (June 2-4 in Barcelona, Spain) about their approaches to this complex issue.

Read the article here:

Vittel Water Bottle Reminds You to Drink Every Hour

Ogilvy Paris Innovate an Irresistible Way for Vittel to remind people to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day.

Vittel is one of the best-selling mineral water brands in France. Its mission for over 50 years has been to foster health and take care of people’s inner vitality with a simple recipe: pushing people to drink more Vittel, and adopt a healthier style of life. Research suggests 80% of the French population still doesn’t drink enough water to be properly hydrated because they simply forget — despite all the messages from brands or the government to remind people to drink water. With this, Ogilvy Paris and Vittel wanted to find an original and irresistible way to remind people ‘I have to drink a glass of water’. The Agency’s starting point? Vittel’s packaging and bottle itself. ‘Vittel Refresh Cap’. A tailor made cap that pops a flag every hour to gently remind you to drink. How it effortlessly works? When you twist the bottle cap shut after your refreshing sip, a timer begins automatically. Nothing new to do just twist the cap as you used to do but this time utility has been added. The program was launched in France in order to gauge consumers’ reactions and measure their behavioral changes. Initial findings show people drank more water during the day and enjoyed it. When a mineral water brand starts to design vitality accessories, it brings a new role for brands in their categories. More than products, the Vittel brand is experimenting with a customized service to inspire its consumers, and concretely help them address the source of their issue. See the simple innovation at

Vittel Refresh Cap Key Visual 0

The Power of Shunya Wins Multiple Gold at DMAi Awards

DuPont’s The Power of Shunya, the Indian television series produced by OgilvyEntertainment and Times Television, opened its 2014 awards season strong, winning 4 Golds at the recent DMAi Awards. With the help of Shunya, OgilvyOne India, a key partner to OgilvyEntertainment throughout the program, was once again crowned DMAi’s Agency of the Year, winning 8 Gold, 7 Silver and 5 Bronze in total.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 2.03.31 PM

As a valued partner in The Power of Shunya, OgilvyOne helped lead DuPont’s local digital activation within India, and continues to optimize and expand Shunya’s digital presence as it moves closer towards its second season. Of its 4 Gold wins, The Power of Shunya was recognized in the following categories:

  • Creativity – Direct Response – Broadcast (TV, Radio, Website, YouTube)
  • Creativity – Craft – Animation
  • Creativity – Interactive – Branded Content – Video
  • Effectiveness – Product Manufacturing and Distribution

Stay tuned for more updates throughout awards season, as The Power of Shunya looks to continue its success amongst the international media community.