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Did you know that OgilvyEntertainment has produced over 1,000 hours of programming since its inception seven years ago? That’s right, we’ve produced 1,000 hours, 60,000 minutes and 3.6 million seconds of content. To learn more about Ogilvy’s accomplishments, check out our very own Doug Scott’s interview about our agency’s blazing achievements at this year’s Cannes Lions here.

Industry News 07.01.13

OgilvyEntertainment Press Review is a collection of the latest client, branded entertainment, and industry news.

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July 1st, 2013



Samsung Scores Big with Celebrity Partnerships brandchannel 06.27.13 Samsung is the current king of viral video as its recent Jay-Z collaboration holds first place on the Viral Video Chart and its partnership with Usher holds a close second—the two together generating 50.9 million views so far according to Visible Measures. Samsung’s promotional tie-in with Jay-Z that gives Galaxy owners early access to Jay-Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail” received 20.6 million views last week, with a total of 23.5 million views.

Razorfish CEO on What’s Next in Branded Content and Storytelling Beet TV 06.26.13 Marketers should be on the lookout for new ways to blend storytelling into branded content, says Bob Lord, Global CEO of Razorfish in an interview with Beet.TV. As an example, he points to a recent effort by Razorfish client Citibank in which the marketer helped to curate the AOL Business channel.

Evian Asks Fans to Show Their Wimbledon Wiggle brandchannel 06.24.13 In its latest promotion, Evian makes a play on its dancing reputation with its ”Wimbledon Wiggle” campaign. The brand, which is a tournament sponsor and the exclusive water purveyor of the sporting event is offering fans tickets for the best wiggle: defined as a move based on “the cheeky shake players make before receiving a serve.”



Pepsi and Coke Try Out Back-Handed Advertising brandchannel 06.25.13 Big brands generally want their logos to be in as many places as possible and as obvious as possible, but Pepsi and Coke recently did a bit of counterintuitive marketing that involved a bit of hide and seek. Germans have been witness to a campaign for Pepsi designed by BBDO Dusseldorf that doesn’t mention the name of the drink and hides the company logo in a sea of what appear to be blue and red blood vessels.

Ogilvy & Mather Named Most Effective Agency Network In The World For The Second Consecutive Year Herald Online 06.24.13 Effie Worldwide has announced that Ogilvy & Mather is the most effective agency network, for the second consecutive year, being awarded a total of 241 awards including 2 Grand/Platinum, 48 Gold, 63 Silver, 53 Bronze and 104 Finalist(s) Achieved. Mumbai-based Ogilvy & Mather Pvt. Ltd has also been named the most effective individual agency office.

Unilever Mobile Effort Garners 87% Purchase Intent Lift AdWeek 06.24.13 Unilever’s mobile display ads for its Wish-Bone Italian salad dressing drew an 87 percent purchase intent lift for a spring campaign that recently wrapped, according to the company, which cited a total of 757 consumers surveyed by comScore. Wish-Bone’s marketing team had first dibs on testing Solve Media’s newly expanded “type-in” mobile ad network, which, starting today for all advertisers, will entail a reach that not only includes mobile Web publishers but also mobile apps.



Local Television In 2018: Evolving With Shifting Audience Demos Media Post 06.26.13 Over the next five years, the local TV audience will be increasingly multicultural and multiscreen. Trends highlight that local audiences are changing rapidly as they seek information that connects with them both culturally and digitally. 

Wall Street Journal introduces video series on startups BTOB Online 06.25.13 The Wall Street Journal has launched an original digital video documentary series for its WSJ Live platform called “WSJ Startup of the Year.” The series marks WSJ Live’s biggest foray into original video content programming. It will feature 24 startups, chosen by Journal editors from among more than 500 applicants, as they work with coaches to build their businesses. The group will be whittled down to one finalist company, which will be named WSJ Startup of the Year in November.

Nike Maps Out ‘Game of Thrones’-Inspired Running Paths Mashable 06.25.13 It seems like every brand is trying to harness the popularity of HBO’s Game of Thrones and use it to its own advantage. Piquing the interest of George R. R. Martin’s fan following, Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.and R/GA Senior Designer Gene Lu created Run of Thrones — running paths on Google Maps that are shaped like the family crests of the ruling houses in Game of Thrones.



Unilever, Mondelez to measure multi-screen reach via Nielsen Marketing Magazine 06.26.13 Nielsen claims its Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings product is the first of its kind and will be able to answer questions about how many people saw the ad in total or how many viewed it on just TV or online. The results are provided by a combination of data from Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings, which launched in October 2012, with TV data from BARB.

Branch Launches Potluck, a Stress-Free Social Network Mashable 06.25.13 Likes. Retweets. Upvotes. Plus ones. Every social network seems to have a way of quantifying how well the posts you share perform among other users, but one new site is doing away with all that in the hopes of eliminating performance anxiety online. Potluck, which launched to the public Tuesday, is a pared down social network that simply asks users to share links — no witty comments, no back-and-forth banter, just links.

Unilever first UK brand to trial real-time TV clip sharing Marketing Week 06.24.13 The Grabyo app allows viewers to share their favourite moments from real-time TV shows through phones, tablets or PC. Viewers can clip 20 seconds of real-time TV content and share it with hashtags and comments on Twitter and Facebook. Brands are looking to find ways to drive interaction and engagement with TV content through social channels as consumers increasingly adopt dual screening behaviour using mobile devices alongside watching TV.



DuPont says expanding work in energy, food and agriculture Reuters 06.25.13 Chemical conglomerate DuPont said on Tuesday that it is expanding its research into new products for food, agriculture and alternative energy, opening a new “innovation center” in Iowa. The innovation center, which joins a chain of international locations, is aimed at using its global network of scientific research to more quickly come to market with “local solutions,” DuPont Chief Executive Officer Ellen Kullman said in a statement.

Los Angeles Bans Free Plastic Bags In Grocery Stores Huffington Post 06.25.13 Los Angeles became the biggest city in the country to ban free plastic bags in grocery stores following a city council vote Tuesday. The 9-1 vote supports a ban that will take effect Jan. 1 for large stores, City News Service reported. Under the law, shoppers will have to tote their own bags, or pay 10 cents each for paper bags.

Unilever calls on its brands to become ‘green leaders’ for social change Edie News 06.24.13 Unilever is drawing up a series of “sustainability ambitions” for each of its brands to help drive social change on a global scale, the company’s chief sustainability officer Gail Klintworth has revealed. Unilever, which makes and sells products under more than 400 brand names worldwide, is intent on accelerating the integration of sustainability into its brand portfolio.


Industry News 06.24.13

OgilvyEntertainment Press Review is a collection of the latest client, branded entertainment, and industry news.

Read Making magic, using logic: the Ogilvy Branded Entertainment Assessment ModelTM.

June 24th, 2013


Danny MacAskill Lives Out Childhood Fantasies in Wonderful Red Bull Video AdWeek 06.20.13 This seven-minute Red Bull video cements Scottish cyclist Danny MacAskill’s standing as a badass brand spokes-man. It took 68 weeks over a two-year period to shoot this mix of fantasy, memory and dazzling bicycle stunts. A former museum in Glasgow was transformed into a Land of the Giants-style version of MacAskill’s childhood bedroom, cluttered with outsized rubber balls, playing cards, colored pencils, comic books, a Rubik’s Cube, a Twister game, alphabet blocks, a race-car loop-de-loop track and even a toy-train-and-station set.

Burberry Teams with Google for New Interactive Kisses Campaign brandchannel 06.19.13 As luxury brands look to get a better hold on digital-savvy consumers, Burberry has teamed up with Google’s Art, Copy & Code to reimagine beauty advertising. The interactive ad, dubbed Burberry Kisses, invites users to send a virtual kiss-sealed letter to someone special. Users take a photo of their pout via the camera on their computer, tablet or mobile device, then add one of five Burberry lipstick colors, write a short note and send via email. The website show’s a map that follows the kiss’ journey and uses street and landmark imagery.

Jay-Z, Samsung Team Up for Deal to Cross-Promote New Album, Smartphone brandchannel 06.17.13 Jay-Z has already sold one million copies of his yet-to-be-released new album,Magna Carta Holy Grail, which isn’t available to the public until July 7th. The canny entrepreneur has spun a deal with Samsung so that the first million owners of Samsung’s Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2 can download the free Magna Carta app from the Google Play store, which will give them exclusive access to the new album for free starting July 4th. The unique pair-up was announced during a commercial break at game 5 of the NBA Finals that included a player watching the announcement video in real-time on his Samsung device.



Shelly Lazarus on Bundling, Brands and Her ‘Random’ Career AdAge 06.18.13 With her immaculately coiffed gray hair, matching gray skirt, blue jacket and white blouse, Shelly Lazarus presents herself as a very focused and resolute woman. So it was hard to fathom that the poised and elegant chairwoman emeritus of Ogilvy & Mather at one time didn’t have an inkling of what she wanted to do with her life.

Ogilvy Brazil Scores Promo Grand Prix for Soccer Team’s Organ Donor Campaign AdWeek 06.17.13 Ogilvy & Mather in Brazil, which had an enormous success this spring with its “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign for Dove, picked up a Grand Prix here tonight in the Promo & Activation Lions contest for a completely different campaign. The winning work was an organ-donor campaign called “Immortal Fans” that targeted supporters of Sport Club Recife, known to be among the most passionate in the soccer-rabid nation. The agency recruited real patients on actual transplant waiting lists to make their appeal to the fans directly.

Google is the Mobile Ad King, but Facebook, Twitter are Taking Notes brandchannel 06.14.13 Mobile ads have been christened as the holy grail for internet companies, and rightfully so. In a new study by eMarketer, Google is projected to rake in$8.9 billion in mobile ad revenue in 2013, claiming 56 percent of the mobile ad market. While other companies like Facebook, Twitter and Pandora are quickly growing their mobile ad revenue as well, their share of the ad pie pales in comparison to Google, which earns one of every two dollars spent on mobile advertising.



Oxygen greenlights “Secret Celebrity” realscreen 06.19.13 Oxygen has commissioned Secret Celebrity from T Group Productions and Wendy Williams Productions. The series, which the U.S. cable net included on its development slate earlier this year, disguises celebrities in prosthetic makeup and sends them undercover in public and among family and friends. “We give them the chance to pull off stunts they’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because of their celebrity status and, more importantly, the opportunity to learn what their friends, family and fans truly think of them,” said T Group Jenny Daly in a statement.

MGM, BermanBraun sign content deal realscreen 06.19.13 MGM and Los Angeles-based prodco BermanBraun have joined forces on an exclusive multi-year production deal to develop unscripted and scripted content across broadcast and cable. The two companies also signed a first-look deal covering theatrical projects from BermanBraun.

Netflix, Amazon Even the Playing Field with New Streaming Content Deals brandchannel 06.17.13 The streaming race between Netflix and Amazon is neck and neck again as both service providers have inked new streaming deals for in-demand programming. The news comes just a week after Netflix suffered a blow as it relinquished its deal with Viacom and saw Amazon quickly scoop up its rights to popular kids programming like Dora the ExplorerBlue’s Clues and others. But now, Netflix is back on the horse thanks to a new deal with DreamWorks.



Foursquare Hopes to Re-Engage Users and Brand with Time Machine, New Ad Products brandchannel 06.14.13 With dizzying 3D animation, zoom ins and outs and a map recreation, the Foursquare Time Machine visualizes a user’s past check-in history because—why not? The social check-in app, which has seen a gradual decline in usage as of late, teamed up with Samsung to get users’ attention with personalized heat maps that deliver recommendations on places to visit. The South Korean multinational conglomerate is footing the bill in part, after the two joined forces at South by Southwest when Samsung promoted its charging stations on the Foursquare app.

Facebook Hashtags Present Unforseen Opportunities for Brand Marketers brandchannel 06.13.13 Following the lead of its younger, nimbler social sister, Facebook is rolling out hashtags, aiming to make its social network more conversational and more relevant to search engine optimization. The move will open up more revenue streams for marketers and give user posts a much greater public reach. In other words, “public posts with searchable hashtags are truly public and discoverable; they give your posts a larger but less familiar audience,” notes Buzzfeed.

Volvo Tests Electric Road that Charges CarsMashable 6.13.13 Recent innovations in wireless charging for electric vehicles could mean losing the need for batteries altogether. While modern Teslas work on new wireless recharging, particularly for electric vehicles in urban areas, one Swedish project is testing a system designed to power EVs along the highway. The method, developed by the Volvo Group and the Swedish power company Alstom with support from the Swedish Energy Agency, would involve putting two power lines directly into the road.



Unilever Hosts Conference on its Sustainability Achievements Just Means 06.19.13 Unilever (NYSE: UN) hosted a special conference in Dubai to celebrate its first year achievements in sustainability in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) area. At the conference, the company updated its partners and stakeholders on the progress made in its Sustainable Living Plan in the region.

AT&T Sets Up Solar-Powered Chargers in New York City Mashable 6.18.13 AT&T announced it will set up 25 solar-powered charging stations for mobile devices throughout New York City. For this project, dubbed Street Charge, AT&T partnered with solar power company Goal Zero and Brooklyn-based Pensa Design, which pioneered the concept a couple months back. The chargers will begin popping up on Tuesday at Fort Green Park in Brooklyn. A total of 25 will be installed in Union Square, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Coney Island, Riverside Park and Hudson River Park.

Just How Convenient are Citi Bikes? Mashable 6.17.13 “New York City is the greatest place on earth — but living here is a huge pain in the ass,” says filmmaker Casey Neistat in his short documentary. And what makes it oh-so-painful? The simple task of getting from Point A to Point B. Neistat put New York City’s new bike sharing program, launched on May 27, to the test. He conducted a study by commuting to work using Citi Bike, taxi and his personal bike, then evaluating each experience by its “pain-in-the-ass factor.” The verdict: The Citi Bike isn’t such a pain, after all. Actually, Neistat liked it so much he signed up for a yearly membership.



Industry News 06.17.13

OgilvyEntertainment Press Review is a collection of the latest client, branded entertainment, and industry news.

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Read Making magic, using logic: the Ogilvy Branded Entertainment Assessment ModelTM. 

June 17th, 2013



Four Essential Questions to Ask About Your Branded Content AdAge 06.12.13 Branded content and entertainment should be simple: produce a content property inspired by a brand, and delight an audience with its entertainment value or usefulness. It works for brands like Red Bull and Unilever, just as it works for Netflix or ESPN.

Miller 64 Taps Sports Stars for New Web Series ‘The Sub’ brandchannel 06.11.13 Sports and beer seem to be inextricably linked in American culture. Miller64 is taking advantage of the relationship in a new campaign, Go64, in which it asks consumers to tell the world via Twitter and Facebook just how they are competing (and enjoying their post-game brews) this summer.

Kiehl’s Captain America Comic Book Arrives in The Wall Street Journal AdAge 06.07.13 Kiehl’s, the skincare and haircare retailer, sent a custom Captain America comic book to Wall Street Journal subscribers in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco on Thursday as part of a content-marketing effort meant to help the company better connect with men.



AOL CEO Says Scalability Is Needed in Native Advertising  AdWeek 06.13.13 For all the good native advertising does for brands, a big roadblock the digital ad form faces is its ability to scale, said AOL CEO Tim Armstrong at a breakfast event this morning in New York. “I think it’s beneficial, overall, for brands. I think there’s a danger, though, that native advertising that’s not scaled is not going to solve the issue that publishers have in terms of monetization. 

Report: Apple Ads Not Working Very Well Mashable 06.12.13 Videos from Apple were shared 183,609 times over the last 12 months, according to Unruly Media. Comparatively, Samsung videos were shared 2.37 million times over the same period, while Microsoft ones were shared 1.36 million times. 

Facebook Seeks Simplicity in Social Advertising brandchannel 06.07.13 Facebook is simplifying its ad buying process in an attempt to demystify the 27 ad choices currently available to advertisers with a simple question: “What is the goal of your ad?” Depending on the answer, Facebook will now suggest which format suits a brand best. “You are going to pick an objective,” said Fidji Simo, Facebook’s product manager for ads, according to The New York Times, and “based on that, we will show you a range of formats.”



Trailer Fatigue: Moviegoers Less Thrilled With In-Theater Previews Variety 06.13.13 American movie auds are substantially less likely to watch trailers in theaters than they were two years ago, while trailer viewing online and on mobile devices has jumped over the same time period, a Nielsen National Research Group study found.

ESPN to Shutter 3D Network by End of Year Mashable 06.12.13 ESPN is shuttering its 3D television network, ESPN 3D, by the end of the year, a spokesperson for ESPN confirmed, citing that 3D TVs simply aren’t as popular as they had hoped. “Due to limited viewer adoption of 3D services to the home, ESPN is discontinuing ESPN 3D,” an ESPN spokesperson wrote in an e-mail to Mashable, adding that ESPN “will be ready to provide the service to fans if or when 3D does take off.”

The Rise of Social TV: How Social Media Is Amplifying TV Advertising Business Insider 06.09.13 Research has shown that TV-watching and social media usage isn’t mutually exclusive. Consumers appear to love using social media while they watch TV. Many discuss what they’re watching, and these conversations continue long after air-time, with TV-linked chatter accounting for a significant percentage of overall social media activity.



SundaySky’s SmartVideo Transforms Consumer Data into Digestible Videos brandchannel 06.12.13 Founded in 2007, SundaySky has delivered over 100 million “SmartVideos”—personalized, real-time videos that help major brands like AT&T, Lenovo and Office Depot engage with their customers. Playing on the growing “screen culture,” SundaySky can produce an informative, direct-to-consumer video in seconds thanks to data, like product pricing or personal account details being pushed to the platform.

Hands On With iOS 7: It’s Just the Beginning Mashable 06.12.13 When Tim Cook unveiled iOS 7 at WWDC this week, he called it “the biggest change to iOS since the original iPhone.” He’s right. iOS 7 isn’t just a visual overhaul of Apple’s venerable mobile operating system; it’s a near-total rethink of many of the core paradigms that have come to make iOS, well, iOS.

IBM Builds Millimeter-Wave Transceiver for Mobile Comms, Radar Imaging E Week 06.09.13 No strangers to major scientific breakthroughs, IBM researchers have againpushed the technologic envelope – this time inventing a new semiconductor solution that brings together four integrated circuits (ICs) and 64 antennas in a single package for mobile and transportation systems. IBM officials said Big Blue scientists – in an effort partially funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) — have achieved a milestone in creating a phased-array transceiver that contains all of the millimeter-wave components necessary for both high data-rate communications and advanced-resolution radar imaging applications.



New report calls for ‘extended leadership’ on sustainability Green Biz 06.13.13 Each year, the Worldwatch Institute publishes its flagship State of the World report. The 2013 edition is organized around whether sustainability is still an attainable goal. In the opening chapter, Worldwatch President Robert Englemen asks starkly, “In the wake of failed international environmental and climate summits, when national governments take no actions commensurate with the risk of catastrophic environmental change, are there ways humanity might still alter current behaviors to make them sustainable? Is sustainability still possible?” 

Unilever, Choithram launch ‘Water Savers’ drive Trade Arabia 06.11.13 Unilever, a leading FMCG company, in partnership with Choithram, a UAE-based retailer, has launched a campaign to promote water conservation and waste management. The 10-day campaign provides consumers with water conservation tips and recycling tools that will help them in taking small sustainable actions that collectively add to a bigger difference.

General Mills and Unilever Fight Food Waste to Fight Climate Change Triple Pundit 06.10.13 Another reason for the business community to get serious about food waste: climate change. According to the latest available figures, food waste accounts for up to 40 percent of the U.S. food supply, which worked out to about 133 billion pounds in 2010 alone. That makes food waste the single largest category of waste in this country, much of it going to landfills where it decomposes and releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas.


End-to-End Content for Hellmann’s 100th Anniversary Celebration

We are excited to share the final installment of the Ogilvy & Mather / Co.Create video series featuring Doug Scott and Brian Orlando, Marketing Director of Hellmann’s. In this video, Brian and Doug discuss celebrity chef Mario Batali’s involvement in Hellmann’s 100th anniversary celebration and how the end-to-end program is setting a new standard for digital content.